Scar Tissue

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Kill The Family, Save The Son

Dexter's at an indoor crime scene featuring a young female victim with some severely fatal head trauma while DVO makes a ridiculously shoehorned and facile observation. (Yes, even for DVO.) Upon examination, Dexter notes that despite all the blows to the woman's face, there's no sign of a struggle or defensive wounds, and with Batista adding that there's no evidence of a break-in, they conclude that "Norma Rivera" knew her attacker. Quinn reports that she was a housekeeper in Biscayne Bay – an upscale neighborhood, the show is kind enough to tell us – and that she had an ex-con ex that came in and out of her life, and since his last name is long and the spelling isn't obvious you're going to have to be content with "Roberto" unless the guy actually becomes relevant. We then hear that Quinn aced the sergeant's exam, and with Quinn making a pun about STDs I think we can all agree not to spend any more time on that. And speaking of subjects we can skip over quickly, Angie references a "little hottie" who stopped by the station looking for Masuka, but my stomach settles down when Quinn asks Dexter about Deb and Dexter tells him she's hanging in there. Quinn requests that Dexter tell Deb she's in his thoughts, and Dexter says he will, although offhand I can't think of many things he's less likely to do. Much more to himself than Quinn, though, he hopefully says she's going to be okay…

…and then we cut to the beach in the early morning, as Dexter is waiting with two coffees when Vogel arrives, and it's as tenuous as the worst DVO but I'm still going to take that as a shout-out to the similarities between Dexter and Bob Benson on Mad Men. Vogel reports that "you still remain the focal point of your sister's pain" – don't sugarcoat it there, Vogel – and when Dexter says he wants to see Deb, Vogel tells him it's not a good idea at this point. Dexter protests that it's been almost a week, and rather than point out that that's the smallest of potatoes both for therapy in general and against the fact that Deb's been spinning out for six months, after saying she's not sure if Deb's hit rock bottom yet, Vogel steps it up a notch and tells Dexter that he should prepare for the possibility that Deb will never again want Dexter in her life. Again, the British accent mitigates the sugar-free delivery, which always seemed to me to be the best reason to have one. Dexter freezes for a moment before saying he can't do that, and he paces petulantly for a bit until Vogel changes the subject by asking about their killer. Dexter tells her he's up to Chapter Seven in her book, prompting Vogel to recall the name "A.J. Yates," and the thoughtful tone in her voice makes me shiver at his potential M.O. Dexter tells her he'll check back once he's vetted him, and he doesn't add "and you'd better have Deb fixed by then," but I kind of heard it in his tone.

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