Scar Tissue

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Kill The Family, Save The Son

As Dexter works to lift a print from one of the shoes, Yates heads upstairs from the basement and sneaks out via a secret panel. Dexter calls Vogel and puts her on speaker so he can work while he's talking, which means that Yates, who's silently approaching, hears Vogel pick up. He freezes with a sharp intake of breath – although not one loud enough for Dexter to hear – as Dexter reports on his findings, adding that while the fact that some of the shoes are old suggests Yates has been doing this for a while, his MO doesn't really add up to him being The Brain Surgeon. After Vogel shrugs that killers develop over time, Dexter then tells Vogel that he's pulling partial prints, which means he won't get results until the morning, and besides, he's got his son tonight. He disconnects, whereupon he hears a noise – but when he checks out the adjoining hallway, we see Yates has made the choice to withdraw back to his hidey-hole, whereupon he muses to himself that Vogel has a hero. Oh, did I say to himself? Actually, there's a girl, duct tape over her eyes, strapped to a mesh wall in the middle of the room whom we could consider his audience, although she doesn't much look in a fit state to be hearing anything at the moment. Also, in case it means anything, the show continues its tradition of casting more British actors than you'd expect in having Aaron McCusker, a series regular on the original Shameless, as Yates. It's always kind of disturbing when they have hot actors play serial killers, but if the casting director can live with it I suppose the rest of us can too. Yates watches his new foe depart…

…and then Dexter enters his apartment to find an unfamiliar woman in his kitchen who introduces herself as Cassie (played by One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz), one of his neighbors – she's a friend of Jamie's come to borrow some laundry detergent. Harrison, followed by Jamie, appears, and after the women leave, Harrison says Cassie's nice, whereupon Dexter says sure – "but does she have a kissy neck?" Well, it seems late in the game to introduce a new love interest, Dexter, but I still have the feeling you're going to find out. For now, though, we get some father-son adorableness…

…before we cut to Papa's (did I ever mention that's the name of Batista's restaurant?), where Jamie, Batista, and Quinn are celebrating Quinn's test results. When Batista gets up to get them another round, though, we hear the patrol officer who picked Deb up last episode loudly making fun of her, and even though Jamie tries to get him to let it go, Quinn marches over and demands some "professional discretion." The guy, who himself sounds on his way to drunkenness levels that parking meters should fear, tells Quinn okay, but as soon as Quinn turns away, the guy tells his friend that he thinks Quinn and Deb "used to bone," and that's how Deb made Lieutenant – on her back. This is enough of Quinn to wheel around and deck the guy, who then tackles him before Batista breaks them up and tells Jamie to get Quinn out of there. On the way out, Quinn apologizes to Jamie, but she tells him it's fine in a tone that implies impatience with the scene but not with the merits, which is fairly big of her, I'd have to say…

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