Scar Tissue

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Kill The Family, Save The Son

Sometime later, they're eating something that doesn't appear to be steak, and Elway babbles something about being a workaholic before asking what drives Deb crazy; after a long pause, she replies, "Family shit." Like, NO KIDDING. This prompts Elway to give forth on how his father was a big rules-spouting Texas oilman and how Elway moved to Florida to become a cop to spite him, but he soon realized he was surrounded by the same rules-oriented mentality he was trying to avoid. However, he wasn't about to give his father any satisfaction, so he waited until he was dead before striking out on his own as a PI, and I have to say, that's some good spitin'! He hands Deb a beer, and she looks at it appraisingly as she confesses that her dad was everything to her, but he wasn't the man she thought he was. "I'm realizing we're more alike than I thought." Elway proposes a toast to dead dads, but although Deb clinks his bottle, she opts to forego the alcohol. I guess this is a Big Step, but I have to point out that the brand looks likely to be pisswater.

At night, Dexter returns to Yates' house to find the shoes gone, which he takes as evidence that Yates left in a hurry. He soon discovers the secret entrance to the basement and heads downstairs, whereupon he realizes that Yates was one step ahead of him, although I'm not sure he processes the possibility that Yates also overheard the phone call. Looking around, he finds a bone saw and a set of instructions on how to slice open the skull, which he takes as conclusive evidence that Yates is The Brain Surgeon. He makes to call Vogel, but he hears a noise, and opening the large metal cabinet from whence it came, he discovers the frizzy-haired girl stuffed within. She's been stabbed, but Dexter realizes she's still alive – the constriction of the narrow space caused pressure on the partially severed pulmonary artery that apparently prevented her from bleeding out. Dexter grabs a handy TV cable (heh) to bind her in order to keep the pressure constant before taking her in his arms and getting her out of there… …and then we quickly cross-fade into the same location – only Vogel is now there, and when she asks if the girl will survive, Dexter tells her he dropped her off at the ER (not literally, I hope) and that she should be okay. Inspecting Yates' computer, Dexter realizes he has Vogel's patient files on there – and that there's one that was only created very recently.

Over Vogel's protests, he opens it to find notes on "Subject 0" that can only be referring to him, and although if you pause and read everything available you can see that Vogel is open to rethinking certain of her notions around psychopaths, Dexter darkly focuses on the parts that make his emotions sound completely false and delusional. Sounding betrayed, he asks if this is all material for another one of Vogel's books, and while it's a fair question, her own hand in this particular case would necessitate so much rewriting that I wonder if it would be worth the editorial effort. Regardless, Dexter dangerously announces that she was experimenting on him when she worked with Harry and she still is, and Vogel sounds afraid of him for the first time as she unconvincingly denies it. He wonders if keeping him and Deb apart is all part of her plan before informing her that once Yates is dead, she's out of his life – does she understand? "Or do you need to write it down?" HA! His feelings may be manufactured, but the wit is genuine. Vogel says she does, in fact, get it…

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