Scar Tissue

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Kill The Family, Save The Son

…while Deb, back at Vogel's, restlessly picks up the DVD and considers it. She seems to get an idea…

…and we cut to her sneaking into Vogel's office, getting her desk drawer open, and locating another DVD that looks like it was recorded soon after the one she has in her possession. Popping it in, she sees her father agitatedly telling Vogel about walking into Dexter's kill room, with the blood and the dismemberment and the maniacally proud expression on his son's face. Vogel tries to counter that Dexter's victim was a drug dealer who murdered Harry's partner, and I'd have to say she has a point, but Harry bites out that while the Code is only a theory, what he saw in that room was all too grimly real. He then connects the dots a little too obviously by adding, "I don't think I can live with this," and Deb ups the supertextual ante by spitting, "Fuck, I'm supposed to?" If nothing else, though, the little addition she adds to her father's plan at least solves all the problems he's presented.

Yates is napping in his van – which you'd think he wouldn't park on the street in a residential neighborhood; someone might ask questions eventually – when he gets a call from his father's nursing home. He answers to hear Dexter, in a lilting voice just perfect for the type he's trying to impersonate, that Yates' father's heart is failing, and he might want to come quickly. Yates hangs up and wastes no time getting behind the wheel before Dexter looks over at the sleeping, breathing-tube-wearing form of the father…

…and then a concerned Yates rushes in to take his father's hands – whereupon Dexter, hiding behind the door, closes it. Yates hears the soft noise and stiffens before turning to face his adversary, who's got his trusty needle in his hand, and I'm not exactly sure how Dexter is going to pull off whatever he's planning with no one being the wiser, but as it happens, we won't have to worry about that – because Yates rips the connection out from his father's mask, setting beeping off all over the place, and as Dexter looks confused and horrified as often happens when a psychopathic killer shockingly doesn't roll over and play dead for him, Yates heads straight out the window. Right in time, Dexter returns to the corner, whereupon two nurses rush in and try to revive Yates The Elder. As Dexter slips out unnoticed, DVO can't believe that Yates was willing to take his father's life to save his own…

…and then, in the car, DVO goes on that Vogel thinks he's just like all her other subjects, but she's wrong – Deb is real to him, and family. He then screens a call from Vogel, and I know he's got some complex feelings for her but you'd think he'd answer to at least give her a heads-up that YATES IS STILL ON THE LOOSE.

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