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A Deb'll Do Ya

Rita comes out asking after FOP and Dexter just as Dexter returns. "Where were you?" Rita asks. "Taking out the trash," Dexter double-entendres. Rita asks if he saw FOP, and Dexter says he heard the front door open when he was at the side of the house. He spots a little blood on the kitchen floor, and scuttles over when Rita's not looking to mop it up with the bottom of his sock. Cody goes to the window and comments that FOP's car is gone, and Dexter looks shifty-eyed.

Dexter flops FOP on his hotel bed, still unconscious, and Dexter puts on some rubber gloves. "Let's face it, Paul: You've been a problem," he says, looking down at him. Dex grabs a syringe and, breathing heavily, says, "It's time for you to go away." Holy shit, you guys. Is this actually happening? I can't believe it. I can't believe he's going to kill the guy. This is so sweet. I'm so psyched! Dexter bends over and gets to work...

LaGuerta's on the TV, holding a press conference, something she hasn't done in a while. "The Ice Truck Killer case has been reopened, officially. We have new forensic evidence that shows that the DNA from the blood at the Marina View Hotel matches the DNA from his victims." A reporter asks about Neil Perry, and LaGuerta says all those questions should be directed to Cap'n Mathstor. Dude, she's cruising for a demotion, methinks. At least she got enough balls to actually believe in her crew's police work instead of selling them out for political gain. Go, LaGuerta! "Shit, I hope she told the Captain," says Angel. "Who knew?" bellows a voice from the back of the room. It's Mathstor, and he walks into the room heavily. "Who knew about this?" he repeats. Doakes says, "This is the first we're hearing about it, Captain."

A bit later, LaGuerta finishes up a call when Mathstor lets himself into her office. "You overplayed your hand, Maria." "I gave you a chance to make it right. I told you --" "You don't tell me shit! This is my department. I made you Lieutenant. Me! You were just another spic detective." Whoa, dude, not cool. "Nice, Tom," says LaGuerta. "Real nice. Your true colors finally come out." "Oh, no," he grumbles. "No, you haven't seen my true colors, Maria. But you're about to." Yeah, demotion, like I said. She's boned. "Enjoy this office while it's still yours," he tells her and leaves. She sits down, looking as though she's had the wind knocked out of her.

Dexter sets the table as Rita finishes up what looks like a very happy conversation with Theo. "Thank you," we can hear her whispering, and Theo looks over and smiles. "Dexter," he nods on his way out. Rita closes the door behind him, a smile of pure relief painted on her face. "What happened, what's wrong?" asks Dexter, knowing full well that nothing is wrong. "It's Paul, um, I don't know all the details, but he violated Florida's three strikes law. He's back in jail!" She starts giggling the giggle of unadulterated joy as the kids come out to see what's so funny. "It is truly amazing, the things you can do when you put your mind to it," Dex VOs. Well, I guess he didn't kill him, which really is a shame, because he can still stir shit up behind bars. "No problem is insurmountable. Not when you have the most accessible evidence locker in Miami."

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