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A Deb'll Do Ya

Dexter's in an elevator, wearing rubber gloves, yet again. It seems like a dream sequence, but I can't call it yet. The doors open, and we can see that he's at the Marina View Hotel. He starts walking towards Room 103, VOing, "So this is doom. I've been the architect of so much of it, it's only fair that I should know what all the fuss is about." He reaches the door. "He left me this room for a reason. Five women gave their blood, their lives, for this moment." He opens the door, which creaks low and loud. "There's only one way to find out why." He stands in the middle of the room, where the blood has all dried, and we hear voices. A woman: "Close your eyes, Dexter." A child crying. "No, not in front of my baby!" Visual flashes. The boy in the blood. A young blonde woman, covered in blood. The dead man face down. "Don't cry, it's going to be okay. Close your eyes, Dexter. Don't look." A ponytailed man starts up a chainsaw and starts slicing the woman I'm guessing is Dexter's mother. "Mommy loves you, Dexter." Dexter, present day, lies down on the floor, his face strained in a grimace of brutal understanding, and we go to black.

Shit, man, that was heavy. I just got goosebumps. Kind of interesting that Rudy mentioned seeing his mother die at a similarly young age. I wonder if that speaks to their connection. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

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