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A Deb'll Do Ya

Deb and Doakes arrive at the hotel, and Doakes gets an extra key from the manager. "The guy who checked into 103 was white and normal-looking." Kind of like the cable repairman the old lady was talking about last episode? As Deb and Doakes walk towards the room, Deb observes that she hasn't seen a single security camera, and Doakes says the killer probably scouted hotels for lax security. Before he knocks on the door to 103, he tells Deb, "You better get ready to cancel your lunch." Nobody answers when he knocks, so he opens the door with the key he got, revealing a gruesomely bloody scene inside. Deb immediately starts hyperventilating as Doakes calls for backup. "I need uniform backup, forensics...fuck it, just send everybody out!"

A second later, there's a crowd gathered around the police tape as Dexter and Masuka put on hazmat suits. "It's been a while since we went prophylactic," says Dexter. "Not me," says Masuka. "Last night I met this chick --" "I'll stop you there, Vince." Hee! I love Masuka, the little horn-ball. Dexter asks if he knows about what's going on, and Masuka replies, "No one's been inside. Too much blood." "Dexter!" calls Deb as she exits the hotel. "Just a heads up, it's bad in there." "Okay." "I'm serious." "Okay." "She's not kidding," reinforces Doakes. "It's your wet dream in there." "Okay," says Dex, defeated and irritated by Doakes. The way he says "okay" this time is perfect and really funny. Doakes explains to Dexter that he's going in first to get a feel for what they're dealing with. "Don't fuck up." Does he ever, Doakes? God, go easy on the guy. Dexter heads up.

We start with a long shot of the hallway, looking down towards the elevator that Dexter is exiting. He walks in slow-motion towards us as he VOs, "Now I'm really curious. He's been gone so long, he had to be planning a splashy return. But a crime scene just for me?" Dexter returns to real time speed and reaches the door to 103, which he opens. The entire room is covered in blood, and it looks pretty gross. Dexter instantly starts breathing heavily as the sounds of crying and screaming children fill his head. Briefly, he sees the vision of the little boy sitting in blood that he saw during his deep relaxation with Dr. Meridian. Overwhelmed by the imagery, Dexter collapses into the blood on the floor, and quickly gets up and runs out.

Outside, LaGuerta asks Deb is she found anything out. "I talked to the guests in room 105, but they didn't see anyone go in or out." After she says this, she spies Dexter coming out through the front doors, now covered in blood. He looks half-awake like a zombie. Deb runs over to him and asks if he's alright. "I'm just a little queasy, I should never have skipped breakfast." "Bullshit, you're shaking! What the hell happened up there?" "I'm fine, I just need a little air." "Something finally got to you," says Doakes. "I guess you're human after all." LaGuerta wants to know what he saw. "How many dead?" she asks. "A lot, but no bodies, just blood. Maybe fifty, sixty liters. Maybe half a dozen dead, I don't know." LaGuerta asks, "You're saying there was a mass-murder up there, but they took the bodies?" "How's that possible?" chimes in Doakes. "There's one elevator, emergency stairs with alarms. Someone would have seen corpses coming out!" "I don't fucking know," says Dexter. Dexter tells them he can't go back in there. "Fine, just work from the hallway or something," says Doakes. Dexter goes to get cleaned up.

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