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A Deb'll Do Ya

After checking in some guests, Rita is approached by a guy from the Dade County Sheriff's Department. "Did you find Paul?" she asks. "I'm sorry?" "Paul Bennet. My ex-husband attacked me last night, and my boyfriend filed a police report." Apparently, FOP filed a report as well, saying that Rita attacked him. "Can we talk about this later?" she asks. The guy shakes his head no. "We need a formal statement. I'm afraid you're going to have come with us right now down to the station." Dude, lame. Rita says "fine."

Back at the crime scene, Masuka's taking charge, telling people what to do. He calls out to Dexter, who's sitting in the hall: "You should really get in here, Dex. I've never seen anything like this!" "Wait 'til you've seen a few more Colombian drug busts!" Masuka tell Dexter about the "misting up the walls, on the ceiling...but no tissue. Come see!" "Photos, Vince!" Also, it seems that the blood isn't clotting. Dexter says he'll test it at the lab, and then gets a call from Rita. She's pissed that she's stuck dealing with this FOP fiasco, and Dex tells her to calm down and that he'll find her a lawyer to help clean this mess up. "I am calm. They're the hysterical ones. They're charging me with a Class 2 felony." That's fucked up, because a Class 2 felony in Florida is punishable by up to seven years, with a mandatory sentence of three years. Rita's freaking out: "I could lose my job, I could lose my kids --" "I won't let that happen," Dexter comforts. "Look, I have to go because I'm at a crime scene, but I'll call my lawyer friend right away. You okay?" "Yeah, I'm okay." They hang up. Dexter calls out to Masuka, telling him to look for a wall socket in the room. Masuka looks around, and finds a void on one of the wall sockets by the entrance to the room. "Hey, you're right! He must have had something plugged in here. Probably a power tool to cut them up. Come take a look!" "Photos, Vince." Yeah, Vince. He clearly doesn't feel like being in there.

Now at the evidence room at the station, Masuka is dropping off a cooler of blood, and tells the officer that he should make more room in the fridge, because "there's a lot more coming." Masuka asks Angel, who's just standing there, if he wants to go out tonight. Angel says no, and Masuka tells him he should get out, since he's "on the market." Whatever. Don't care.

Deb catches up with Dexter, who's calling an elevator. "Hi," he says. "Hi." "Masuka was looking for you. Something about drinks after work." "Yeah, I told him I had a yeast infection." "That's a bit of an over-share." Agreed. Hee! The elevator arrives, and they both get it. "You want to talk about what happened today?" presses Deb. "Already did." Deb says the last time she saw Dexter like that was when Harry died. "You can talk to me, you know?" She offers to call Rudy and be late, but Dexter essentially tells her to fuck off. "I puked. I'm fine. I know you want to help, but unless you have breath-mints, there's nothing to do." Deb complains that he always shuts her out. "Like your birth father that lived up the highway your whole life and never even contacted you. I still don't know how that makes you feel." Yeah, as if you care. As if you wouldn't make it all about you. Shut up, Deb. Dexter tells her that he promises to confide in her more. "Yeah, whatever." Whatever yourself, you snatch. Go away.

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