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A Deb'll Do Ya

At the nightclub, Masuka brings his girl another drink as Angel talks some poor girl's ear off about his separation. The girl doesn't say a word, she just leaves him. "That's, like, the fourth chick you've driven off," says Masuka. "I need a drink," says Angel. "Waitress!" "Bro, you're a train wreck," says Masuka. "Look, you've got to stop talking about the divorce." "I ain't ashamed!" "Yeah, I think that's clear, but it's pathetic." Masuka goes on to tell him to not talk about the divorce unless they ask, and to "eighty-six the ring!" His girl has to piss, so she goes to the bathroom after Masuka smacks her gothic behind. "She's gonna fuck me silly!" he brags. Sigh. That's nice, Masuka.

"My sister's right: I don't share my problems with her," Dexter VOs as the camera is trained on his face. He's lying in bed with Rita. "Or with anybody. Harry taught me that. Secrecy, self-reliance, and a well-stocked cupboard of Hefty bags. Fortunately, I've never met a problem I can't manage." He looks at the clock, and it's 2 AM. "Until that boy in the blood." He flashes quickly on the toddler sitting in a sea of red, crying and screaming. "He scares me. I want him to go away." "You awake?" asks Rita. Dexter pretends as though this question awoke him. "Are you sure you locked the door?" Rita asks. "Yeah, positive. Bolt and chain." Rita wonders aloud what she's going to do, and Dex tells her not to worry, he'll figure it out. "And I will. I can always see other people's problems more clearly than my own. Fortunately, Rita's has a name. "

Dexter is demonstrating the footprint patterns from the bloody room in a mockup on his computer. He slowly eliminates all the prints of people that were accounted for, leaving only the killer's. LaGuerta notices that there's only one set: "What about the victim's footprints?" "Give the lady a lollipop!" says Dexter giddily, as Doakes does a double-take. "Why would a guy stage a massacre and not have any bodies?" asks Deb. "Where'd he get the blood?" asks Doakes. "I just got a preliminary blood report," says Masuka. "The blood in that room came from at least five different bodies." Deb and LaGuerta both comment that the ITK had five victims, and Doakes can't believe that he'd hoard all that blood, "just to have a party at the motherfuckin' Marina View Hotel. Why would he do that?" "To chase me down the rabbit hole," Dex VOs. "What was that, Morgan?" Doakes asks Dexter intensely, as though he heard his VO. "I didn't say anything," says Dexter, looking worried, as though his face had broadcast too much. Doakes reminds everyone that they've caught the Ice Truck Killer, and that he's awaiting trial. "Bullshit," says LaGuerta. "Neil Perry recanted his confession. He's a fraud." "Try telling that to the captain." "I did." Deb asks if there's any more evidence. Dexter says that he ran some tests to find out why the blood wasn't clotting, and he found that it was loaded with coumadin and heparin. "One's an anticoagulant, and the other's a preservative," says Masuka. Actually, they're both anticoagulants. "It means the blood's old." Dexter also mentions that none of the blood spatter points to there being any actual victims. LaGuerta tells Masuka to try to match the blood DNA with the ITK's victims, and tells Doakes and Deb to get back to the hotel to retrace their steps. "Not a word to anyone about the Ice Truck Killer," she says to them all.

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