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A Deb'll Do Ya

Knock knock. It's Rudy, and he's at Dexter's place. "Hey." "Hey." "Deb's pissed at me. I need advice." "So, you came here?" "You know her better than anyone...come on, I got two porterhouses and a sixer of microbrew." Dude, I don't care how many people you've killed; you're welcome at my house any day. Dexter lets him in. "One minute, we're talking about her know, the whole blood-bath thing." "Right." "And the next, she wants to jump my bones. I mean, Deb's hot and all, but sprinkle in a little conversation once in a while, you know?" "She's my sister, I don't know," says Dex, a little grossed out. Rudy's looking around for a meat knife, which Dexter helps him find, and Rudy tells him the "other half of the argument" was about him. "Me?" "Yeah, it was already tense enough, but when I brought up your name, she lost it." Dexter advises that Rudy just take all the blame right now, because Deb will wear him down, eventually, anyway. Rudy gets a call, and steps outside. It's Deb, who's still working on the case. She apologizes for taking out her frustration with Dexter on him, and asks him if wants to come over and talk after her shift. "I'd love to, babe, but I'm about to eat dinner with Dexter." "Well, after," she says, instantly frosty. "Yeah, but here's the thing: I think I'm going to sleep at my place tonight. I mean, it's closer, and I'm know. You understand, right?" "Yeah," Deb says, fuming, and hangs up.

Back at the club, there's a woman with a prosthetic arm dancing. Angel takes off his wedding ring, and approaches a woman wearing a sexy dress. "Care to dance?" he asks her. "You dance to this?" she asks, referring to the flamenco number the DJ is playing. "A bit," he answers. "What about your wife?" He looks surprised. "Tan line on your ring finger." "Um...I'm not going to talk about that tonight." Atta boy, Angel! The woman reveals that her divorce was just finalized. "Let's go," she says, grabs his hand, and leads him out to the dance floor. Naturally, as soon as they get out there, the slow song ends and the dance music comes back up. Angel looks a little disappointed, but he's game for some real dancing and he starts shaking his ass. He and the woman, who's quite lovely, are having a great time, until Angel notices the amputee across the floor, whose fingernails are painted a different color. He excuses himself and walks over to her, his badge already out. "Police, I need to talk to you." "I'm not a hooker anymore," she says, and the guy she's dancing with takes off. Angel explains that he's not there to bust anyone, "I just need to know why you paint your nails the way you do." "About a year ago, there was this guy --" "A 'guy' or a 'client'?" Angel interrupts. "A john, okay?" Apparently, the guy started getting rough until he saw her fake hand, at which point he changed his tune entirely, getting turned on and "doing some kinky, weird stuff, like he was worshipping it. To cap it off, he takes all my nail polish, and paints each nail a different color. I liked it, so I kept doing it!" Angel asks her if she saw Neil Perry on the news, and if it was him. She says no. Angel looks over to see if his woman is still around, but she's gone. He turns back to the amputee, and says, "From the beginning, and with more detail."

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