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A Deb'll Do Ya

"Well, thanks for the hospitality," says Rudy as he leaves Dexter's. "Thanks for the steaks," Dex replies. Rudy mentions that Deb told him about what happened at the crime scene, and says, "I'm a good listener if you ever want to talk." "Thanks, but unless you know an expert in repressed memories..." "For real?" "You know something about it?" "More than I ever wanted to." Rudy explains that when he was in high school, he started having dreams about a woman getting hit by a truck, and one day, out of nowhere, all of his repressed memories came crashing back. "Who was she?" asks Dex. "My mom. I watched her die." "How old were you?" "Four," Rudy says. "What kind of memories are you having?" "They're still a little vague." "Well, you'll have to face them eventually." Dexter tells Rudy to bring Deb white roses, which she loves. "Good tip. It's funny how life brings people together, huh?" Dexter remains quiet.

"Rudy misunderstands my problem," Dex VOs as he reenters his apartment. "I want the boy in blood to go away, not come crashing back. Fortunately, I have other people's problems to focus on right now. Like forgotten cellphones." He's just noticed Rudy's cell on the table. He steps outside, but Rudy's long gone.

"What have you got?" asks Captain Mathstor. "Well, so far, we're chasing a ghost," says LaGuerta. "A couple of employees helped with a sketch, but it's pretty generic." She holds up a sketch that looks nothing like Rudy. Mathstor seems agitated, and he wants to know where the bodies are. "There are some pretty wild theories out there." LaGuerta says she's waiting on full blood results, and the Cap'n accuses her of stalling. "I'm just trying to avoid speculation," she says. Mathstor wants something, and soon: "This department can't afford another public relations disaster." LaGuerta suggests that he tell the DA to let Neil Perry go. "He's not the Ice Truck Killer," she says. Mathstor just laughs at her and tells her that's not going to happen. "First break in this case, you come straight to me," he says and leaves. He's a jerkoff.

"This may be a shot in the dark," Angel tells Masuka, "but I met this hooker last night --" "Going with a pro, now that's how you get over the ex." "No, that's not what I mean --" "Okay, so you didn't fuck her, but she blew you, though, right?" Angel laughs, but tells Masuka to shut up. "It was a lead." "On what?" asks Masuka. "What do you know about amputee fetishes?" Now he's got Masuka's attention. "Oh, yeah," he says. "It's called acrotomophilia, but don't let 'em hear you call it that. It sounds like a disease. They prefer to be known as 'devotees.'" "I knew you were the man to ask," says Angel with a chuckle. "Not really. I prefer a girl with a kung-fu grip." Right. Thanks, Masuka. You're always good for some middle school style randiness. Masuka tells Angel that he should talk to Deb's boyfriend: "Prosthetics guys deal with devotees all the time." Huh. What a fountain of knowledge you are, Vince! Angel thanks him and takes off.

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