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The Opposite Dex

Dexter's at what I'm assuming is Lilah's place, and as he walks into a large room from a dark hallway, he looks around, amazed, as the sound of welding crackles off-screen. What Dexter sees is a bunch of mannequin art, and the mannequins are all Frankensteined together, and in poses of disturbing, orgiastic pleasure. I think this is going to work out well. Dexter calls out, "Hi!" to Lilah, the welder. She tells him to wait just a second as she finishes something up, and when she does, she lifts her mask and says, "Dexter!" "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," he says trepidatiously, and she replies, "No, I'm glad you called. Just give me a minute. Have a look around." She goes to the back of her workspace and changes shirts as Dexter admires her artwork. "I was just going to go get some art supplies, you wanna come?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm just on my lunch break." "Excellent." As they head out, Dexter notices one couple of Frankenquins that seem to be devouring one another. "Why are they eating each other?" "Don't know. Ask them," she replies with a smile. Yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh.

Dexter and Lilah drive around in her beat-up old jeep-style truck, and for the first time I can remember on this show, a song with lyrics is playing in the soundtrack. "It's a long way home, all I see is darkness," are the only words, apparently. Lilah small-talks, "Do you like the heat?" "Not really. I'm partial to air conditioning." "I love it. Makes me feel like the whole world could explode at any moment." Well, how...edgy of you. I'm already starting to get annoyed by this chick. "That's a pleasant thought," says Dex. "Is there an art store near here?" Lilah asks him distractedly if he's been using, and doesn't even listen as Dexter responds, because she's pulling a U-turn. "Look what we have here!" she says as she rams the truck's front end into a horse-headed post. "Jesus, what are you doing?" asks Dexter. "Come on," Lilah says, and hops out of the car to grab the dislodged post. Oh, God. This is the type of "eccentricity" I can't abide. "You gonna help or what?" she asks, trying to lift the thing herself. Reluctant to be a party to destruction of public property lest it should draw attention to him, yet still intrigued, Dexter jumps out and quickly helps her drag the thing to the back of her truck. They peel out, and he looks at her unbelievingly. "That was a little weird." Changing the subject, she says, "So, if you're perfectly clean, why'd you call?" "I'm under a lot of pressure at work. I was hoping you could give me some quick tips on how to deal with the urges." She tells him there are no quick tips.

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