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The Opposite Dex

Down at the morgue, Angel and Deb bust through the plastic doorway as Lundy tells them to "Pick a body. This is where the case is going to be made. We have thirteen suspected murderers, and then we have these gentlemen. Robert Thatcher, janitor for the school district with no criminal record. Marcus White, tow-truck driver. No criminal record." He goes on to the others, all with no criminal record. Angel asks why the killer cut the bodies up, and Masuka says it was for "easy disposal." "Or for fun," adds Deb, drawing stares. "You don't kill this many people because it's a chore. You do it because you like it." Fair enough.

Doakes is just getting off the phone at the station, and LaGuerta wonders if it has to do with the Barnes case. "Yeah, that was a buddy of mine from special ops. He heard Curtis Barnes is still in Miami." "Hmm. The only part of that that I find surprising is that you have a buddy." Doakes explains that himself and Barnes were both Ranger RRD, or Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment: "The guys you're not supposed to know about that get in before everybody else. My buddy put me in touch with a guy from Curtis's unit. He's willing to talk to me." "Good," says Maria as Dexter comes up with Doakes's blood report. "It's all pretty straight-forward, but I'd be careful, though." "Why's that?" asks Doakes. "The trajectory of the bullets are all level, with the exact same angle of origin. I'd say all three shots were fired in less than a second. It's very impressive shooting." Doakes and Maria share a look, and Pascal steps out of her office to summon Dexter.

Dexter enters her office, and Pascal tells him, "I'm going to need you to run some tests on this shirt." "Is there blood?" he asks, confused. "No blood." "I'm really the blood guy." "It's a smell. It smells like a woman." "Which part?" Of the shirt or the woman? "Who can identify this for me?" she asks, losing patience. "Uh, that's really Masuka's area," he replies, hoping to get Masuka distracted enough to sneak a peek at his notes and find out what his big break is all about. Pascal immediately goes over to Masuka, and Dexter looks satisfied with himself as he VOs, "Anything I can do to overburden Masuka is to my advantage. Trust me, I'm not above sending pizzas and hookers to his house in the middle of the night." Heh.

Rita's tearing apart some Romaine lettuce for a salad, and her mother comes creeping from around the corner. "Well, everything's unpacked." Rita explains that the "back bedroom's small, but it's quieter." "I'm just happy to be here, that's all," says Mama...well, she can't be Mama Bennett, because that was Paul's last name. Come to think of it, I don't think we've ever heard Rita's real last name. I guess we'll just call here Mama, then. "You're always welcome," Rita replies. "Am I?" Mama snaps back. "I wasn't sure." "Of course you are," says Rita, tearing up some more Romaine. "All these years without an invitation..." "I thought you didn't want to come, I mean, you and Paul." "Oh, nonsense. I wasn't going to let that keep me away from my daughter and my grandchildren." "But you did." Mama doesn't want to assign blame, she just wants to make up for lost time. Dexter comes in, and Rita grabs him by the hand and leads him over to introduce him to her ma. They exchange pleasantries.

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