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The Opposite Dex

Over at the gym, Deb spots the dude from her almost-boxing lesson the other week, and some seriously porny and horny sounding music is playing in the soundtrack. They continue to check each other out across the room for about a minute, when he finally walks up and says, "Hey." "Hey," Deb replies, then asks, "You remember me?" "Yeah, you're the girl who doesn't like tape." See, Mrs. S? I told you there were others. "Debra, actually," she responds, and the guy introduces himself as Gabriel. "You done for the night?" asks Deb. He is, so Deb asks him out for a drink, and the next thing we see is the two of them on Dexter's bed, goin' at it pretty heavy. Gabe asks her if she's usually this forward, and she says, "No, I haven't even had sex since..." "Since what?" She doesn't answer, she just grabs her handcuffs, and he's all, "Whoa, whoa!" Not caring, she cuffs him to the bed-frame, and he says, "Oh, so you're into the kinky stuff, huh?" "Well, the last guy I had sex with tried to kill me." Once he's all cuffed up, they start making out again. Dexter comes home, and I can't believe how long it takes him to notice the "ooo-eee, ooo-eee" sounds emanating from his bedroom. He slams down an issue of South Miami magazine, which has a cover story about the BHB. "'Who Is The Bay Harbor Butcher?' God, this obsession with him is relentless, just like Deb and that damn treadmill." Oh, I see. He thinks the boinking in the bedroom is actually Deb working out. Dex pops a beer, and goes to bedroom saying, "Deb, do you ever stop?" as he opens the door to a butt-naked Deb doing the horizontal mambo with her workout buddy. She instantly wheels around, all, "Dexter, Jesus! You're supposed to be at Rita's!" She's a poet and doesn't know it. That was embarrassing.

The following morning, Dex is making breakfast when Deb comes out. They pointedly avoid eye-contact. "Good morning," says Dexter, hesitantly. "That was a little weird, last night," says Deb, cutting through the small-talk. "No...yeah, well it was dark. All I could see were shadows." "Please put those shadows out of your mind." Changing the subject, Dexter asks Deb about the break in the BHB case. "Algae." "Algae?" "Yeah, Masuka found microscopic algae inside the garbage bags with the bodies." "Algae, under the sea. Imagine that. How does that help?" Deb breaks it down: since there are over one-hundred-thousand species of algae, Masuka is under the impression he can use them to pinpoint which harbor the BHB is using to keep his boat in. "He's got some marine biologist coming down to help him out. Can you imagine something so little being the thing that breaks this case?" Deb takes off as Dexter VOs, "It doesn't make sense. If there were algae on my victims, it would have to come from the ocean where I dumped them. Obviously, I'm missing something, and I don't like that."

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