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The Opposite Dex

In the lab, Dexter grabs Masuka: "Hey, I heard you found some algae that might help crack the big case?" "You heard right!" says Vince, excited to geek out. "What kind of algae?" "Diatoms. Eukaryotic algae." "Okay, this is the first time I regret not being a bigger nerd," Dexter VOs, and...heh. "Eukaryotic?" Masuka tells Dex the marine biologist, Manny, can explain it when he comes down. "He's picking up the evidence tomorrow so he can study it in his own lab. You know marine biologists: real prima donnas." Yeah, those wacky marine biologists and their desire things correctly? Pascal, looking distraught, calls Masuka: "Up front!" "Oh, no, it's that crazy witch," Vince utters under his breath, and goes over to her. "What is this shit?" she asks him as everyone looks on. "I told you to find a smell. It smells like another woman. I can smell it, why can't you!" She throws a file at him, and he just stands there. "This man is ruining my life, and you all go on like nothing is happening!" Everyone's afraid to make eye-contact with her, but LaGuerta goes up and comforts her, then escorts her to her office. "This is the kind of thing that makes me glad I have no feelings," VOs Dex. Amen, brother. "Like I always say, never take your dirty laundry to work."

Back with Doakes and Barnes, who are still locked onto one another with their weapons. Barnes makes the Hey, I'm Going To Lower My Weapon, Don't Fuckin' Shoot Me gesture, and Doakes lowers his weapon as well. "We can stand here all fuckin' day," says Doakes. "I don't give a fuck. But you gon' put that gun down." "Now, we were both Rangers. That bond goes deep. That doesn't mean anything to you?" "If you weren't a Ranger, I would've shot yo' ass by now. You killed your wife, man." Barnes explains that he didn't mean to, and then asks Doakes if he was ever married. "Once." "She dropped your ass, didn't she? Why? Got tired of you punchin' holes in the walls? Wakin' up in the middle of the night, screamin'? Was she always yellin', 'You gotta get help!'? She sends you to a doctor, but you don't go, because you know there's no help for this kind of fucked up. Finally she can't take it anymore, and just says, 'Adios.' That sound about right?" Doakes says he's got it wrong, because he's the one who left. "Why was that?" asks Barnes. "I was afraid if I didn't, I'd kill her." Well, well, well. If it isn't Doakesy, the other killer on this show. I know you guys didn't already forget about that Bayard guy from the Tonton Macoute last season, did you? Doakes and Barnes share a meaningful look, and Barnes says, "Let's take the boat out." "Why would we want to do that, man?" "Get out of this heat, for one. Nice ocean breeze. Maybe head toward Cuba." "No." "Come on, just get me within sight. I could swim from there." "You're wasting your time. Curtis, you're going back to the station with me." "Can't get you to reconsider?" "Not a chance." "That's too bad," says Barnes, who raises his weapon again. Doakes blasts him twice in the chest, killing. "Motherfucker." Yeah, great. Don't care.

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