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"The goal of all life is Dex."

Outside, on the deck, Dexter is still doing research on this guy. "So far, he comes up squeaky clean. No malpractice suits, no disgruntled patients. I thought I was a master at damage control. Perhaps I should schedule a session with the good doctor and try out a little reverse psychology." I think that's a great idea, Dexter. I really do.

"Come on in, Sean. Have a seat," says Dr. Meridian. He's talking to Dexter, who has obviously assumed the name Sean so as not to have any trail leading back to him. The doctor is played by Tony Goldwyn, who most you will remember as Carl Bruner in Ghost, although he's been in a ton of movies. Dexter thanks Dr. Meridian for seeing him on such short notice. "Hey, I expect the police to show up when I call, right?" he says, a little too down-to-earth-ly. "The least I can do is clear my lunch for a cop in need. So, what brought you here?" "A friend of mine died," Dexter lies. "She killed herself. I need to understand why." "How come?" asks Meridian. "She had everything going for her. It doesn't make sense." Meridian says, "To some people, death makes perfect sense. Life? Now that's the puzzle." Meridian then calls Dex out on his bullshit, telling him he thinks he's "using the suicide tale as an excuse to come see me." "You're absolutely right," says Dex, smiling. I'm curious to see where this goes. "How could you tell?" "I'm sensing you do it a lot to keep the world at an arm's length." "What are my real intentions?" asks Dexter, and I'm not sure whether he's really asking, or if he's putting the question in Meridian's mouth, or both. After a knock at the door, Meridian says, "After I pay for my lunch, you're going to tell me that." "Judging from what I've seen so far," Dex VOs, "I probably will. This guy's good. So, why do his patients keep dying?" Dexter sneaks over to Meridian's desk calendar. "Vanessa's estimated time of death was Monday at 7 PM. Meridian was in session with Scott Soloman. I wonder if Mr. Soloman kept his appointment that night." Dexter hears Meridian returning and runs back to the couch.

The doctor comes back in with some Chinese food, and gets back to it. "Let's start with the basics. You married?" "No." "Girlfriend?" "...Yes." "Sex life?" Hmm. "It's personal." "This is therapy, where we share personal things." Dexter looks as though he doesn't know what to say, and after a moment, he says, "Maybe it would help me to open up if you tell me something about yourself. Why'd you become a psychiatrist?" Again, Meridian calls him out. "See what you just did, trying to take control like that? You probably get away with it most of the time, too, right? That's a way of preventing other people from getting close to you." Damn, he is good! "Let me ask you something, Sean. Have you ever been close to anybody?" The camera zooms in on his face as the American Beauty piano comes in. "My foster father," Dex responds, looking very vulnerable. "He's the only one who ever really knew me." Meridian wants to know more about Harry. "What did you two do together?" "You know, normal father-son stuff." What's that smell? I think it's a flashback!

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