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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

In an abandoned house, Dex tells Galt about the slump in the real estate market, which allows them to have this great empty house. He cuts his cheek. That always looks so painful. This is the house where Galt killed Jenna Kendrick. He denies it. Dex reminds him about Hammer Time. Galt says he's been mixed up with someone, but Dex just stuffs tissue into mouth.

Miguel drives up, but he's at the wrong house. Dexter VO's that he couldn't share this part of the process. Dexter tells Galt that he has been looking forward to this and it wouldn't have happened without Miguel coming through. Then, he stabs Galt in the heart.

Dex VO's that Miguel will be disappointed. He'll tell him that he went straight to a graveyard and dumped Galt -- the change in plans happening after the screw-up at the courthouse. He's not ready to share this part. Dex pulls out a saw and starts cutting. Miguel smiles as he walks through the house and says, "Dexter." After tonight, he knows who Miguel Prado is. His first real friend, and those are in short supply these days. The friends that kill together stay together?

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