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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

Dexter is sitting beside the pool at his place and he is with a vision of Harry. Harry says that Dex is kidding himself if he thinks that Miguel would actually be OK with what Dexter really is. Dexter reminds the ghost of his dead foster father that Miguel knows about what he did to Freebo, but Harry says Miguel doesn't know about the ritual. That's true, the ritual is freaky, but you have to give (take?) the man credit for even understanding the vigilante nature of Dexter's work. Dexter says that Miguel understands, and Harry says he understood too -- he just couldn't accept it. Harry suggests that Dex test Miguel's understanding, because every time he lets someone get close, it ends badly. Harry's ghost sure has gotten increasingly antagonistic during the course of this season. Dex VO's that he needs to examine his spotty record connecting with others. Just because Miguel can gut a fish doesn't mean he should hang with Dex when he's killing people. That's such an obvious yet correct observation. It's pointless and essential at the same time. There are a lot of little moments in this show like that. Dexter will be all, "Life is a mystery and then I stabbed someone" or something similar that's intoned austerely yet doesn't really seem that profound. But then, if you are a serial murderer and you're not really fighting the urge to kill people, then your important moments don't need to be hugely philosophical. You really can find huge meaning in -- this guy cuts a fish good, but would he freak out if he saw me kill someone? The stakes are simultaneously higher and simpler.

Later, Dexter shows up to the scene of a crime to find Deb leaning on a car and crying. The Skinner has struck again and this time he killed Wendell. Dexter seems like he may be a bit relieved -- this meaning that Wendell can never ID him as the guy who came to Freebo's place the day he died. Deb says that he was a decent kid. We see Wendell in a lawn chair and like half of the skin on his torso has been removed. It's nasty. Poor Wendell has this gray frozen grimace on his face too. It's so gross. Vince notes that his body is warm, meaning he was skinned while he was alive. Angel says the Skinner is stepping up his game. Quinn suggests telling the press about the threat, but Maria doesn't want him to leave town and do it somewhere else. Dex says the killer has practice. Why isn't he more interested? He really hasn't had more than a fleeting thought about the Skinner. That's not like Dexter, is it? I would think he would be getting anxious about someone horning in on his territory.

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