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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

At his apartment, Dexter shows Miguel a picture of Jenna Kendrick, one of the first jobs where he worked blood splatter. She is messed up -- blood everywhere. Miguel says that she was someone's daughter. Clemson Galt, an Aryan, killed her. Killed her with a claw hammer because she got pregnant. Wow, the Aryans aren't ones to keep up with modern forms of birth control, are they? We haven't been killing pregnant people with claw hammers for centuries. Galt confessed to his cellmate, eliminating, I guess, any doubt for Dexter that he fits the code. Apparently, Galt called the killing, "Hammer Time." That is 2 Legit. Aryans chased off any witnesses so he was found not guilty. He is, however, serving time for a separate armed robbery charge, and he's still running things from prison. He arranged for the killing of an Aryan defector's wife and 3 kids. Also with a claw hammer. If you suddenly realize that you no longer share the same world outlook as the violent Aryan group that you belong to (and that's the only real reason I can imagine for defecting -- what, you didn't like the benefits?) my advice to you is, instead of tendering your resignation, pack your bags at night and get the hell out of town. Dex says this keeps him up nights. Dex VO's that Miguel can't afford the price of justice -- he's totally expecting him to pull out of their plan to kill someone. But, he says that he'd like the guy to die. But he's in custody, so there's nothing they can do. Dex says he could get them into the prison, but Miguel says that is dangerous and crazy. Dex VO's that he knew Miguel would eventually see the downside. Dexter tells Miguel that Ethan Turner was an "accident of opportunity." Miguel brings up Freebo -- was that an accident of opportunity? That just unfolded, Dexter replies. Dex says they took out the garbage twice, maybe they need to just be content with what they had the opportunity to do. Miguel says that he owes Dexter and he'll do it, but they need to come up with plan. OK, not what Dexter was expecting.

The next day, at the station, Vince asks Dex where the donuts are. He says that he doesn't have any and he calls Dex passive aggressive. I guess that's just Vince being Vince because there wasn't anything particularly passive-aggressive about that. And, sometimes, Dex just doesn't have donuts. Maria asks Dex to sign a greeting card for Camilla. She has lung cancer and is dying. As we heard in Camilla's previous appearances, her husband Gene died from lung cancer a year earlier. Smokers? Like chimneys, Dexter tells us. Maria tells us that life catches up. Dexter confirms for her that they were good friends, and Maria says that those are in short supply. She asks Dex if he would like to drop off the card and he does.

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