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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

Angel calls Barbara. She is at work and he asks her out. She says she doesn't date anyone. She says being clear will save a lot of agita. Wow, fancy word. I wonder if she uses fancy words like that when she's "Jasmine." Angel has a question for her, "Do you eat?" She says if she gets hungry enough, she will call him. He grins as she hangs up the phone. Why is he pursuing this? You'd think, of all the women that Angel could ask on a date, he'd possibly avoid the one who knows that he sleeps with hookers and has the power to end his career due to said knowledge. I tried to expand the whole "Don't shit where you eat" analogy to this but I got confused and it sounded disgusting. Something like, "Don't step in shit then try to have sex with your shoe." Doesn't really work, does it?

At the station, Deb tells Angel that she thinks Ramon might be the Skinner. Quinn hears, which means that in the future Deb should take Angel aside if she really doesn't want people to hear what she's saying. Quinn agrees that Ramon is a whack job. Angel is incredulous. They haven't found Miguel Prado's brother's killer but she wants to investigate the other brother? Deb agrees that, In a nutshell, that's what she wants to do. Angel says that if she's wrong everyone will be shitting blood due to acts he'd rather not describe. He tells her to follow up off the grid -- any blame for it is on her. Quinn offers to come along, but she says she has it covered. Angel tells her to try to be discreet. Heh.

At Camilla's hospital room, there are lots of flowers. Dexter brought some but says that it looks like she already got plenty. She says that a mom from maternity donated them to terminal care. Talk about irony. She says she's been searching for..."The meaning of life?" The perfect key lime pie. And, what does she get. "Fucking pie crust, Rediwhip, green Jell-O." That's what the hospital is serving. Seriously though, Camilla, what were you expecting? They can't even get chicken broth right in most hospitals. Dex says he'll find some quality key lime pie for her. He'd better hurry, she says, for the next thing to go is the appetite. She says that Gene always lit her cigarette before lighting his own. She says he was a sweet man. "It all caught up to him. He withered to a skeleton. My 6 foot tall, 200 lb husband shitting all over himself. His last breath was a mercy." Hopefully, she isn't reciting what she said for his eulogy, because... well, no one would get anything from that. Dexter holds a straw to her mouth so that she can drink water. It's so hardcore. Her mouth shakes around really crazy-like as she's trying to drink. Margo Martindale is a badass. She says she can deal with dying (she's doing it right now!) but the pain is a bear. She says the worst part is losing her... "Dignity" says Dex. She doesn't finish her thought.

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