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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

At the Prados', Syl and Rita clean up the table from the meal they just finished. Rita says the fish was great. Syl asks if she thinks Miguel overcooked it. Maybe a bit, but mango salsa saved the day. Stop it with the salsa. She asks if Syl enjoys real estate. She says she loves it. Rita has decided that it's a good thing that she got fired from the hotel, and she's looking around for a new path. Syl says, with her people skills, she would be great at real estate. Then, she says Rita should start the next day as her assistant. Having someone she can trust is everything. Wow, that happened quickly.

Outside, Dex suggests that he and Miguel go upstate to "interview" Galt. Since he's a career criminal -- he would be an encyclopedia of intel on other cases. They just need to get him alone long enough to make it look like a prison mate did it. Miguel says that inmate death creates a lot of inquiries and the "bleeding hearts" start crying for prison reform. Dex VO's that he wants Miguel to call off the plan. Miguel says that a money laundering/racketeering case is happening and the Aryans are good at both of those criminal activities. He's calling Galt as an expert witness. He's already been subpoenaed. Wow, he's really doing this, isn't he? Galt will be transported to them tonight, but won't make it to the witness stand.

That night, Deb trails Ramon. Dex calls her while she's watching Ramon. She asks why he's eating alone when he has a wife and kids at home. He suggests that her Arroz Con Pollo isn't pollo enough. OK. Seriously though, lots of people like time alone though. He asks if she found anything and she jokes that she found a set of German filet steak knives, a couple of razors, and 12 pounds of human skin. He tells her to be careful.

The next day, Deb parks at the station. Here's Yuki. She says she can hug Deb so everyone knows they're friends or she can talk to her. Deb says after 12 hours on surveillance detail, why doesn't she blow her? Heh. Yuki has been given the directive to ramp up her case, or drop it. Deb says that's because she doesn't have any evidence. If she weren't such a fuckwad, she'd feel sorry for her for being in Internal Affairs, where careers go to die. Yuki is totally crazy (though I love her) and I understand why Deb doesn't like her, but cops realize the necessity of Internal Affairs, don't they? Yuki says she's going to wire Deb. "Are you on crack? How many times have I told you to eat shit? What the fuck makes you think I'm willing to play now?" If she doesn't, Yukie will put out word that she has been cooperating all along. Deb says she doesn't believe she would sink that low, then she stomps off. OK, the scenes in the beginning of the season with these two were so tense and interesting -- they've sort of lost that, haven't they? At this point, it's like, somebody has to move. Deb has said she's not helping you, so why are you having the same conversation again?

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