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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

Dexter feeds Camilla some key lime pie that he got. It's delivered daily from Key Largo and is supposed to be the best in the Keys. She says it's not. It's green, so they used food coloring. Wrong. Also, it wasn't made with condensed milk. Dex says it's organic. Wrong. They didn't have fresh milk on the Keys, it's supposed to be condensed milk if it's authentic. A nurse arrives. Camilla calls her "Miss Morphine." I had a cat in college with that name. She's the "Bringer of bad dreams and less pain." The nurse, not the cat. Camilla says if Dex is as serious about key lime pie as she is, he can do better. That's supposed to be a metaphor, I think, but I can't figure out what it is. My feeling is that his Code is about to widen to include mercy killings/assisted suicides. Slippery slope, Dex.

That night, Dex is at Rita's house. He VO's that having a partner (in crime) is exhilarating. Rita asks him what he thinks about Syl's job offer. She likes the idea but wonders if she will see a side of Syl that she doesn't like. She's going to take the risk though. Dex says he's going to sleep at his place, because he and Miguel have an early morning run. Rita says he might miss it because Syl says he's a wreck and not sleeping. She says that you can never know someone like their wife knows them, but I think she may be a bit off in this circumstance.

Later, Dex is sharpening his knives. He VO's that Miguel must not be sleeping like a baby anymore. Harry arrives and tells him to think twice about going through with this killing jointly. What makes him think he can count on Miguel? He's never had to rely on anyone before. Dex answers that he never had anyone close because Harry told him that loneliness was an art form. Harry says we only see in people what we want to see and what they want to show us. Dex says Harry can't lecture him on relationships after the debris field he left. Point, Dexter. Harry says no matter how close people are, in infinite distance separates them. More hokey talk. What does that even mean really?

At the courthouse, a cop asks for a picture with Miguel. He obliges then goes into a room with a handcuffed Galt. He calls Miguel "Pulled Pork" and says that he can suck his white dick if he thinks he will be helping his "spic ass with shit." Move over Anderson Cooper, there's a new talking head in town. Miguel takes out a key and hands it to Galt, wrapped in a hanky (to remove his fingerprints, I presume). He says that one of his Nazi friends is waiting in the parking garage. Now, the threats to his family need to stop??? OK, that's weird. Galt says he knew his Aryan brothers would come through. So, was Miguel saying that to keep Galt from being suspicious? Or, is it just a coincidence that Dexter chose a criminal who has been threatening Miguel's family?

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