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Bros Before Non-Murdering Folk

Outside, a cop almost walks into the area where Galt is escaping. Miguel stops him and says he needs his witness to take a nap. He says he'll be just a moment. This is not good. In the parking garage, we see Dex hook up with Galt. He says he'll have Galt out of the country by noon. All of a sudden, an alarm goes off. Dex and Galt hide as Miguel runs out with policemen. Miguel says that Galt had to have an accomplice and they need to seal the exits. Is he trying to nail Dex? Galt says they've been set up. He's going to return the favor. Dex says that's mighty white of you and injects him in the neck. All of that sounds pretty snappy, but when you really look at it, it doesn't make sense. Anyhoo, moving on. Dexter peeks at Miguel from behind a car and hears Harry say that Galt was right; Miguel is setting Dexter up. He tells Dex to never underestimate people's power to let you down. "Not right now, Dad." When you consider the very active and influential visions that Dexter has, the serial killing is... still his number one pathology by a mile. Miguel walks from sight and Dex thinks about what to do. Harry tells him to give up. He yells for Harry to stop and a car stops. Nice luck. It's Miguel -- and he picks Dex. He says he's going to drop him off at his car. They'll meet at the stash house. They get out of the garage with no incident.

In a parking lot, Deb watches Ramon beat up a guy and stick him in his trunk. He does it very efficiently too. It's like smack on the back, on the legs, in the trunk. One, two, three. She follows him to a warehouse. Ramon is questioning him. Quinn arrives and scares Deb. The guy Ramon is questioning is Felipe Cepide, a drug supplier for Freebo. She's waiting for the skinning to start before she stops anything. Felipe doesn't have answers for Ramon, so he shakes up a soda and shoots it up Felipe's nose. OUCH. Quinn tries to walk in, but Deb stops him. Finally, Ramon grabs a knife. He... cuts Felipe loose and sets him free. Deb says he's not the skinner, clearly.

Dex has his killing room set up. Galt is very pale. Saran Wrap is definitely his color. Deb calls Dex and he answers. She says that Ramon isn't the Skinner, and she'll talk about it to him at breakfast. Angel and Maria join Quinn and Deb. They called them there to tell them that they've detained Ramon for kidnapping, false imprisonment, and torture. Poor Maria. She's in a bad place. She thanks them for being politic. So, we've got "agita," "unexpurgated," and "politic." Big word week, right? Quinn says he would have perp-walked him through the station, but Deb insisted they be discreet out of respect for the family. I almost trust him even less when he's openly kiss-ass like that. Angel tells Maria that he knew about the investigation, but wanted something solid before involving her. She thanks him. She tells Deb she handled the difficult situation in the right way. They'll book him and she'll notify the family. Deb and Quinn get into the elevator, as Quinn is telling her everything went well. Inside, she tells him that IA is investigating him. He stops the elevator. She says they've been giving her a "sandpaper enema" to wear a wire. This has been going on for a while? "And you're finally telling me?" Deb's not backing down. "Yeah, do you want to tell me why this IA chick is trying to bring you down?" He asks if her name is Yuki. We have a winner. They have a personal history and it's a vendetta. He'll handle this, but thanks her for the heads up. Who thinks Yuki shows up skinned next week? Or, maybe she's The Skinner? I'd definitely do a check on her before I talked to her. Maybe she's just some girl who works in the neighborhood.

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