Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"

Of all the pointless scenes here, it's hard to imagine that it gets more pointless than this: Quinn gets so drunk at the strip club that Masuka leaves in disgust.

Dexter is in a nursing home, as his search turned up a "Father Nicholas Galway," a Catholic priest who's unfortunately suffering from dementia. A nun shows Dexter into the elderly man's room, and he's lucid enough to carry on a conversation, but Dexter appears to give this up as a bad job before he even begins, and I'm not really sure why. I mean, I guess he's come to the conclusion that the guy won't remember Colin Hanks or EJO even if he had a connection to either of them, but you'd think having made the trip he'd take the time to ask the question. However, the guy clutches Dexter's wrist and won't let him out of the room until he confesses his sins, so Dexter, figuring he's got nothing to lose given the guy's diminished memory, admits that he's killed people -- a lot of people. (He also mentions that he's lied to his sister, so we know that's bothering him.) The priest looks somber before telling Dexter that murder is a mortal sin, but he seems to get lost, probably in the process of adding up all the Hail Marys he's going to ask Dexter to say. When Dexter reminds him that they were discussing confession, the guy forgets to assign any penance and absolves Dexter of his sins. Dexter looks like, improbably, this experience has given him some sort of comfort, and at the very least, I suppose he's no worse off than when he went in there.

Outside, though, the nun casually gives up the clue Dexter was looking for -- the priest still sometimes thinks he needs to go to his church for Mass, even though the place has been abandoned for over twenty years...

...and quickly, Dexter is arriving home to say goodnight to Harrison before heading off to, well, off EJO. Unfortunately, Deb has taken her shrink's advice in the most inconvenient possible way and is cooking dinner for Dexter, saying that he's got to eat, at least. I mean, obviously this is another example of Deb's boundary-less intrusiveness -- Dexter made it pretty clear he wanted some alone time. Still, it feels a bit cruel for him to dismiss Deb by vaguely saying that something came up and he has to go out; as urgently as he's feeling the need to kill EJO, that lead will keep, and he's only going to make things worse with Deb, an issue about which he seems to still care. I suppose, though, if he doesn't have Jamie stay now, he'll be stuck when he needs to go out later. Ugh, Deb ruins everything.

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