Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"

After Jamie takes Harrison out of range of the adults, Deb of course makes a Federal case about it (She came over here "for you, asshole" is one example of her acting like an open wound), but Dexter, as usual, doesn't make himself look too great either with his passive refusal to engage her at all. These two give me such a headache, I swear.

EJO appears to burn Colin Hanks with a poker, but then Dexter drives up and incautiously makes a loud noise closing his car door, like, that's only about five percent less likely than that thing with the pen. I don't know how the writers think holding on to this reveal is helping the story, but this is an example of what I mean when I say they consistently only come to the table with enough seasonal story for only eight or nine episodes and have to find ways to stretch it out to the point of torture. EJO tells Colin Hanks not to say a word before slipping away, and then Dexter enters and finds Colin Hanks. We see EJO on a balcony above, but when Colin Hanks looks his way, EJO walks away before Dexter can see him too. Jesus, this demeans us all. Dexter heads upstairs to try to discover him, but despite the fact that the only means of egress appears to be a small, high window out of which Dexter sees no one, he concludes that EJO has seen him now, so this just got much harder. Well, yeah, given that you didn't think to wear, say, A MASK. I mean, it's not like Dexter hasn't worn masks in the past when the plot required it (that ridiculous subplot where he tried to scare the neighbor kid two seasons ago comes to mind), so this is insulting for everyone. When Dexter returns downstairs, Colin Hanks tells him he'll help him kill EJO. I'm kind of giggling at the thought of Colin Hanks urging Dexter to stab empty air, but man, was this episode another suck-fest.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. Believe it or not, he's worked with Michael C. Hall, as well as Lucy Liu and Peter Fonda, on his film "The Trouble With Bliss," (formerly "East Fifth Bliss") which will be in theaters in March 2012 and about which you can get information here.

Also, he writes about film and television on his blog "Pull Up A Chair," which he would just love for you to visit. And you can follow him on Twitter here.

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