Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"

That disciple of Mos Def's who's the only one that's allowed to talk asks, "How many of us can say that [Mos Def] changed my life?" Probably all of them, but that's still not the usage for the meaning you were going for, dude. Poor Mos Def, dying before he could teach his group the finer points of grammar. Anyway, they're on that same beach, and after the dude reads from the Bible for a while, he scatters Mos Def's ashes into the water...

...and then later, by a photo of Mos Def and some floral wreaths, the guy catches Dexter on his way out and gives him Mos Def's blood-soaked Bible, which Mos Def had told the dude (presumably on his deathbed, otherwise: Weird) he wanted to bequeath to Dexter. Dexter hesitates, offering that perhaps someone more religious would get better use out of it, and instead of replying that messing with the wishes of the dead equals bad juju, the dude spouts some platitude about finding the right question and whatever before asking if Dexter has, by any chance, seen Nick. It's a ridiculous thing to ask, because why in the hell would he have, but Dexter's like no, not me, before DVO has to come in all Captain Obvious about how HE DROWNED HIM RIGHT AT THIS VERY SPOT, like, DVO is written like such a five-year-old.

As if to support my point, DVO wonders if Mos Def brought out some light in him, since he didn't kill Jonah when he had the chance, as if Dexter had killed everyone he ever came in contact with up to that point. Just as tenuously, he wonders if he passed the light on to Colin Hanks in some kind of Pay It Forward way, but he decides to investigate this latter point as he sneaks into Colin Hanks's office and intones that he did the right thing. Colin Hanks jumps up and says he knows who Dexter is, because he remembers his voice, as if he didn't see the undisguised Dexter in his rearview mirror the whole time, and Dexter, not exactly one to display any skepticism once he's come up with some cockamamie theory, asks him why he let Holly go. Whether it's because he believes it or that he senses that's what Dexter wants to hear, though, Colin Hanks tells Dexter it's true -- his words made him realize that he doesn't have to do what "he" says, and he told EJO he's done. Dexter inquires how EJO took the divorce, and Colin Hanks admits it wasn't great and EJO is still harassing him. Dexter, a crafty look on his face, wonders why Colin Hanks doesn't just go to the police, prompting Colin Hanks to sputter that he'd go to prison for his part in their crimes, and he's a good person and thought they were doing the right thing.

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