Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"

Look, I know we can't trust half of what we've seen this season, but -- and remember Dexter saw this as well -- after that waitress was gorily murdered and those locusts were released, Colin Hanks observed it all with an absolutely delighted look on his face, a look that could only come from the truest and most insane (I mean that word literally) believer. To me, it's not credible for Dexter to take what he's hearing now at face value. For the moment, however, I suppose that's irrelevant, as Dexter tells Colin Hanks that he'll forget his part in all this and will dispense with EJO for him. Colin Hanks, however, doesn't want to hear any of this and stomps off, and (a) I'm so glad they're having this conversation in a visible space where any casual observer could link them together, and (b) maybe Dexter should just tell Colin Hanks to give up the location or he'll go to the police? I mean, I've never been a serial killer with an agenda, but given how hard Colin Hanks clenched at the idea of prison you'd think it might be an effective strategy. However, after Dexter has been standing around alone in this office in which he doesn't work for a while, his phone rings...

...and then he's at a crime scene, and given that this is the first time Anderson and the chuckleheads have seen him in over a week, you'd think they might make mention of that, but they're too focused on the naked female corpse on the floor, who they ID as a high-end call girl. Anderson adds that the physical evidence suggests heroin use, so she probably ODed and then fell and hit her head, and Masuka speculates that the maid "must have" wiped the place down before she found her, as there are no prints anywhere except the girl's on the tub, and you MIGHT WANT TO CHECK THE MAID'S STATEMENT ABOUT THAT, NO? I mean, I don't expect strict realism on TV, I really don't, but the incredible laziness of the writers in allowing their characters to exhibit not even the most basic grasp of police work and crime-scene protocol is maddening.

Regardless, Dexter quickly finds evidence in the blood pattern that suggests the woman was moved after the injury to the head occurred, and also notes that if she'd ODed, her heart would have stopped instantly, resulting in no further blood loss, which is contraindicated by the physical evidence. And again, that latter point does not seem obscure at all, so I guess I have to have some more sympathy for Deb being frantic that Dexter was gone, because if none of the rest of these idiots could have figured that out, Dexter's the only one who can help get the department's numbers out of the shitter.

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