Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"

When she's getting into her car, she removes her blazer, at which point we can see her gun tucked into the back of her belt, and you'd think she'd be a little more protective of that, as a casual passer-by could see it and get the wrong idea. In this case, said casual passer-by is Colin Hanks on his silly little bicycle, and it's one thing for a teacher to be coming home in the middle of the day, but given that she said she had to get back to work, I don't know how the fuck Colin Hanks could be free for this little ride down the lane. Of course, we can't ever let logic get in the way of plot here, so suffice it to say that Colin Hanks sees the gun and presumably makes Deb as a cop...

...and then Deb's back at Seattle Metro washing her hands in the bathroom when LaGuerta buttonholes her and asks for news about DDK's accomplice. Deb tells her they're narrowing down possibilities, and then LaGuerta informs her she has good news -- the ME report on the call girl came in and the cause of death was definitely an overdose, so she can close the case as an accidental death and won't have to worry about it as a homicide. Deb, to her credit, wonders why LaGuerta would have concerned herself with this at all, and LaGuerta gives her a cock-and-bull story about team efforts and whatever before repeating that Deb can close the case now. Deb, craftier than I'd expect, doesn't seem shifty as she's like, great...

...but when she gets back to her office, she immediately calls Dexter and asks him to rush the blood report on the case, as "LaGuerta's acting weird." Heh. Remember when LaGuerta was capable of playing a deep game without being incredibly obvious about it? I realize I'm going back a while here. Also hilariously, Deb particularly is suspicious about the fact that LaGuerta is being helpful, and Dexter promises that he's on it.

Colin Hanks is sneaking around, I think, Lisa's school? Not entirely sure why, but EJO appears out of nowhere, says they have work to do, and clocks Colin Hanks in the forehead with a shovel he was holding in his hand. Well, if nothing else, I appreciate his commitment to not messing around.

It's time for the Dinner of Awkward, and when Jamie excuses herself to go to the restroom, Batista, who's obviously already been dickish through this whole thing, tells Greene that he probably doesn't want to get serious about his sister, since she's a total ho. God, he's gross. I mean, he might literally kill anyone who said the same about her, so for him to use language like this as a ploy is disgusting, especially in service of sabotaging a relationship with someone who's actually nice. I'm hoping reserved skepticism about this tarring of his girlfriend with the slut brush is what I'm seeing here from Greene, but he keeps any comment to himself, probably wisely.

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