Sin of Omission

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"Do You Think Your Brother's Going To Kill You?"

When Batista removes the mask, we see it's Lisa, and I'm kind of surprised they got rid of her this early, but anyway, upon recognizing her, Deb recoils in horror and then orders Anderson to find Colin Hanks, even saying he should put an APB out on him if necessary. Dexter, of course, wonders if this is the result of EJO taking revenge on Colin Hanks, and then examines one of the tapestries comprising the curtain and discovers a label with a name on it as DVO speculates that it once was some kind of vestment. He slices off the label as elsewhere, Deb notes a series of letters written on Lisa's forehead (possibly in blood, but it could be something like henna too), and then Masuka discovers something pinned to the corpse -- Deb's card. Her shrink is going to have her hands even fuller than usual this week.

I mean, I guess I need to recap this in case the show pulls a double-cross and makes EJO real (which would be no more or less ridiculous than EJO not existing at this point), but assuming he isn't, it feels incredibly silly to tell you that Colin Hanks is chained up in that creepy church. EJO apologizes for that, but says he couldn't risk Colin Hanks disappearing again, as if he didn't show up in his backyard three times a day, and adds, even more preposterously, that the Devil tempted him with the promise of a mundane life with his family, and by the way, his sister talked to the police, "just like the Whore of Babylon." I...what? Also, not sure how, if EJO is real, we're supposed to think he knows this or why he'd be presenting it to Colin Hanks as information Colin Hanks didn't know, but anyway, Colin Hanks "realizes" that "EJO" killed his sister and gets all upset, but EJO languidly sticks a poker in his fire and hopes that when he returns, Colin Hanks will have had a change of heart. Or another psychotic break will probably do just fine as well.

LaGuerta appears in the break room to harangue Deb ridiculously about not making any arrests in DDK, and then, when Deb brings up the blood report about the call girl, LaGuerta hilariously says she's going to "level with" Deb: The [hearing thing] didn't go well for either of them, which seems amazingly ballsy for her to say given that she's the one who made Deb look terrible, and LaGuerta goes on to say that they can't afford another unsolved murder, as people are in a panic, and the night before, a woman tried to drive her car into Biscayne Bay with her kid inside, because she thought the end of the world was nigh and didn't want him to face the Tribulations. Okay, if she thinks the end of the world is nigh, I don't think the circumstances of a hooker's death are going to register for her one way or the other, and I'm not sure even finding DDK would help, but LaGuerta tells Deb in no uncertain terms that she should focus on DDK, not some john who bailed on a junkie prostitute. Deb, realizing that arguing will get her nowhere, wisely backs down, or so it seems; when she's gone, LaGuerta makes a call and assures the person on the other end that "it's" taken care of, and he or she has nothing more to worry about. I hope that's true, because this subplot sure is boring.

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