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The Age of Innocents

Back to work, Angel briefs the room on the arm's original owner: Estrella Carazo, Nicaraguan cocktail waitress and part-time model. She last worked a job for a fashion photographer named Jonathan Farrow, whose works are of the "gruesome violence and horror visited upon hot chicks" type. Even DVO is disturbed, which made me laugh. "That is sick," spits one off-screen cop. Really, grizzled homicide detectives? THIS offends your sensibilities? Anyway, Estrella never checked in to work the day after the shoot, and Farrow was arrested for rape six years earlier. And they think the victim was paid off to drop the charges. DVO is like, "Good enough for me! Bouncing!" Farrow has agreed to come in for questioning, and Deb says she wants in on that. LaGuerta adjourns the briefing, awkwardly fumbling with whether to call Angel "Angel" or "Sergeant Batista." Hey, at least she opted against "Papi."

Debra is immediately all over the nonverbal weirdness and asks Quinn what's going on between LaGuerta and Angel. Quinn has no idea, of course, but Deb thinks they're doing it.

Dexter's in his office, searching online for activities to sign the kids up for so they can get out of his hair. I swear to you, those are the very reasons why my siblings and I wound up in vacation bible school for three consecutive summers. And we were Catholic, so I'm pretty sure that's not even allowed. Anyway, Dexter's distracted by Farrow being led in for questioning, followed by his entourage (including an assistant glued to the phone.). Dexter eyes him up like a succulent pork chop. Harry appears and lectures Dexter about focusing on a small fish like Farrow when he's knowingly putting off killing Trinity. They have one of their "You're not the hallucinatory subconscious projection of my dead father of me!" back-and-forths and Dexter fairly easily talks himself into bumping Farrow to the top of his list.

It's easy to understand why, as Farrow might be the most affected stereotype of fashion asshattery ever. And he's wearing a shiny suit coat. With a thickly fake Brit accent, he smarms to Angel and Debra about what a "nice ass" Estrella had and how she was "FOJJ" ("fresh off the jumbo jet," like, that's NOT EVEN A SAYING). Deb's clearly disgusted by him, which Farrow picks up on. He says he'd love to get her into his studio, rip off her clothes, and rough her up a bit. If you could see DVO right now, he'd be dusting off his hands in the "that's that" motion. Farrow, consider yourself already murdered.

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