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The Age of Innocents
contrast in art (i.e., why he photographs beautiful women experiencing ugly death), but Dexter's not exactly a receptive audience. And when his next argument is that these dead women will thank him for letting them live forever in his art, Dexter has heard enough. He swings a meat cleaver at Farrow's neck, and it's all over but the crying. And the hacking the body into pieces, bagging it up, dumping the bags in the ocean, and heading back to camp before anyone realizes Dexter left.

In a montage set to DVO's tedious ponderings about the sea (seriously), Debra unpacks her things and cries about Lundy. LaGuerta and Angel stare at each other longingly. Cody wakes up to find Dexter cooking him pancakes like a good dad and not a guy who just chopped a man's head off. And we get one last peek in at Trinity, as we see he's been building himself a good, old-fashioned coffin. Not at all creepy.

As Dexter strides back into the station, to the strains of some serious Friday Night Lights-style music, he's feeling pretty good about himself. It won't last. He spots Quinn leading Farrow's assistant across the floor in handcuffs. Dexter goes pale and immediately knows what this means, but Angel connects the dots for us. The assistant killed Estrella, not Farrow. They've got DNA evidence, security footage -- the case is airtight. He did it. And so did Dexter. It's kind of hard to imagine it took us three and a half seasons for this to happen, but Dexter's finally killed an innocent.

Man, Harry is gonna be insufferable about this.

Joe R lives, learns, loves, and doesn't kill people, innocent or otherwise, all from his stately Brooklyn abode. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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