Smokey and the Bandit

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Finding a Tooth Fairy in a Haystack

At the abandoned church/mission/etc. where Travis and Astral Eddie Olmos (amazing name for a boxer, I think) have been hanging out, the poor guy who Travis clubbed is kneeling, with his hands chained to the floor. He's struggling to get free and Travis walks in. The guy cries and asks why he's doing this to him. He begs to be let go, but Travis says that he's not going anywhere until he has repented for his sins. Is squatting not a sin? I do believe Travis and his imaginary friend are trespassing. Just thought I'd put that out there. Anyway, this poor guy on the ground starts apologizing for everything and Travis tells him, Nathan, that he needs to apologize to God and if he doesn't things will get much worse. Wow. Nathan. This is your final episode. I just know it.

Dexter arrives at a crime scene. There's a Trans Am nearby that Angel is salivating over. It's for sale! Angel! Get it! Dexter remembers that Smokey and The Bandit used to drive something similar. Angel says it was Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds should totally be on this show. He's from Florida too! The Dinner Theatre Killer. The next season is written. I accept PayPal. Masuka interrupts them to tell them to come look at their dead body. It's a lady in a tight dress and a 24-pack of condoms in her...pocket? Well that's fashion forward to have a tight minidress with pockets. We're seeing her from the back but this lady does not have pockets. It would totally ruin the silhouette. I also recap Project Runway, so I know. I also know that this lady had a problem with her taste level and wore prints that evoke an LSD trip at the zoo. Dexter asks for help turning her over and Masuka remarks that she must've lost her gym membership because being dead isn't enough for her to escape the media's unrealistic body expectations. Angel says that Quinn is on his way. Masuka says that blunt force trauma or strangulation could have been the cause of death.

Suddenly, Quinn arrives in a hot rod red car driven by a sexy blonde who gives him a kiss before he gets out. Angel sees him and approaches him before he reaches the body. He asks him if he's crazy and reminds him that Deb is his girlfriend. News is not traveling fast, apparently. Quinn fills him in. He says that "Lieutenant Morgan" happened. Angel says it doesn't sound like Deb to dump him because she got a new job, but Quinn says it's the same Deb who stole his job. Ugh. He tells Quinn that Deb didn't steal his job, but Quinn says that his problem is that he's too nice and let's everyone walk over him. Angel says that's not true and Quinn calls him "Mrs. Laguerta." Damn! Angel grabs Quinn's shirt and gets ready to sock him one but stops himself because they have work to do. Dexter watches this display. Then, he notices that the victim's tooth is chipped. He wonders in VO if someone tried to rip it out and he seems sort of excited about that?

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