Smokey and the Bandit

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Finding a Tooth Fairy in a Haystack

Dex goes to pick up his car. He sees Nick, the guy that Sam was saving. Sam tells him that Nick is busting his ass and is off of drugs. Sam is proud of him. Sam invites Dexter to come to his church that Sunday. Dex says that he doesn't do church, so Sam suggests that he come to their company beach party instead. He even tells him to bring Harrison. They're going to have a beach barbecue baptism, which is, of course, also the name of the lost Annette Funicello film directed by Roman Polanski. Dex still feels like Sam's trying to get him to go to the church. Sam says he just thinks it would be nice for Dex to take a stand with someone whose life he helped turn around. Finding God isn't such a bad thing either, says Sam.

Dexter researches Walter and the only thing he finds is that he was a victim of child abuse at the hands of his mother. Deb comes in to vent. She's her ex-boyfriend's boss, she doesn't know what to do and she doesn't know who to hire -- she feels like a mess. Dex tells her to take a seat. She thinks she made a mistake taking the LT position. She feels like everyone (well, maybe just Laguerta, but that's a big one) is waiting for her to fail. Dex tells her that she's going to mess up -- it's only natural. She just needs to give it all a little more time. If she still hates the job in a few months, she can demote herself. He asks her how she's doing with the "Quinn of it." She says that she misses being with him, which Dexter doesn't seem to understand. She says that being with him was easy and it is one decision she knows she made correctly -- the breaking up part. She thanks Dex for talking her off a ledge and so he asks her for a raise. He says he's serious and I think he is. She suggests that he fuck off and die. He watches her and Harry is there and wonders if maybe Deb isn't cut out for LT. Dex says that there is very little that Deb isn't cut out for. Then, it's back to Walter's file. His mother was apparently arrested for repeatedly hitting him in the face in public.

The next day, he goes to pick up Walter and is greeted by him at the door in his underwear. I don't think I need to describe that, do I? Just find the darkest place in your mind. There! You've got what we're watching. Dex says that Walter told him to be there at 9, but Walter says that he just needs a few seconds. Please take more than a few seconds. Dex looks around and finds the apartment really depressing. On a bookshelf, he sees a picture and Walter says that's his son. He gave him everything in life and now he can't get him on the phone. He asks Dex/Dan if he has kids and he says no, to which Walter says he's lucky. They're ungrateful little pricks that suck the life out of you then abandon you. Dex notices that Walter has completely alienated everyone in his life and is alone. Walter looks out the window and sees that resident has died and is being carted away. Walter chuckles and says that particular resident was dumb as a sack of dog shit, then tells Dan that there appears to be a space for his dad.

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