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Back at the dig site, Dexter tells Deb he could go for a Frosty Swirl, and she thinks it's a good sign that he's thinking about normal things. Dexter replies that he'll never be normal, but Deb, as playful as we've seen her since she learned her brother KILLS PEOPLE, tells him that none of them really are before hopping across the street to get them both ice cream. DVO wonders if he might be able to deal with Deb watching him all the time, and thinks that if Randall can make peace with his situation, so can he. Speaking of Randall, he comes over to make a little small talk with Dexter about how he never got to patch things up with "Hannah," who I'm assuming is the girlfriend with whom he natural born killed. "I was never as alive as I was when I was with her." That line sounds a bit more ominous than anything he's said up to this point, and he follows it up by saying he wishes he'd gotten the chance to tell her how he felt. Dexter tentatively offers that he still could, but Randall tells him his time has run out before looking up into the sunlight and saying he's surely going to miss it. And knowing this show, you're expecting a thematic reversal, but he could credibly be referring to going back to prison, so the show does manage to obscure what's coming effectively enough. Randall tells Dexter that Hannah used to think he was something special, but now she only sees him as a killer. "And you know what? She's not wrong. There's just one last person I need to kill."

And with that, he shuffles his shackled feet into the street and gets spectacularly hit by an oncoming truck, causing droplets of his blood to hit Dexter in the face. Deb drops both ice creams, which is as big a tragedy as anything else here, and then an overhead shot lets us see the impressive trail of blood stretching back from the stopped truck -- it must be about twenty feet long. As everyone looks on in horror, DVO says that Randall didn't care about leading anyone to any bodies -- he just wanted a couple days of sunshine and Frosty Swirl. Deb looks back at Dexter, full of fresh concern, as DVO intones, "Randall didn't change, and he couldn't take life in prison. Can I?" And with that question, we leave until next week.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. His current film, "The Trouble With Bliss," starring Michael C. Hall, Lucy Liu, Brie Larson, and Peter Fonda, can currently be seen on iTunes and other digital platforms, cable VOD everywhere, and Showtime. (Facebook and Twitter here.) You can email him at, follow him on Twitter at, or check out his blog, "Pull Up A Chair," which he'd just love for you to stop by.

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