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Anyway, Deb replies that she certainly knows that killers slips through the cracks. "I'm talking to one right now." Looks like the literal taste of bile really does help with your sarcasm. Deb looks at the blood slides again and seethes that she's the worst detective in the world -- the shout-outs are coming at breakneck speed -- and wonders how she failed to see it. Dexter tells her she's not responsible, but Deb points out that she is now -- she's an accomplice to covering up Colin Hanks' murder. Live to the accusation in her tone, he tells her she surprised him and he had to think on his feet, but she snaps out a sarcastic apology for interrupting his fun before wondering just what the eff she's supposed to do now. "My name has the word 'Lieutenant' in front of it." Getting to her feet (gun in hand, so that was her piece I wondered about last week), she tells him that all this is "very fucking wrong," but having explained as much as he can, he stands to face her and asks what she's going to do. And as I said in the recap, it looks like she hasn't gotten much beyond hitting him with a right cross in the planning department, but you have to give her props for the execution. (Also, make your own joke about divorced actors and on-screen physical violence.) Deb leaves, whereupon the camera swings around to show Harry (I so preferred Flashback Harry to Dexter's Mind Harry), who whines that he never wanted Deb to go through this, and that Dexter should have been more careful. Yeah, I believe I might have covered that at one or five million points in the past. Dexter sits down in front of all the evidence Deb laid out for him before picking up the hand and quizzically wondering, "What is this doing here?" He wonders if someone else is on to him, and they don't show Harry roll his eyes in response but I think you can take that one to the bank.

El Paso Metro. Deb is reading an old piece on the Bay Harbor Butcher in which Keith Carradine is quoted as saying that serial killers have an addiction, and will continue to kill until they're caught. How sad is it that this expert on serial killers was brought down by that dingbat who was in love with Quinn? Deb looks at a photo of her and Dexter as kids with Harry...

...while her grownup brother is in the evidence room checking to see if the hand is missing. Sure enough, it's gone -- but who should turn up but Masuka, who I guess has had one eye on this place ever since the days of the Horrific Nightmare of an Intern? That would seem to be the case, given his quick babbling confession about the hand. Dexter gets interested when Masuka reaches the part about Greene being involved, and DVO wonders if Greene found the hand and kept it -- but if that's the case, why send it to Dexter? "Does [Greene] know what I am?" Reasonable question, I suppose, given that he's already caught Greene poking around in his place once, but for now he has to deal with Masuka giving him a big hug once Dexter promises not to reveal all this to anyone else. I wouldn't even bother mentioning the part where Masuka adds that he was ready to blow Dexter, except that Dexter's delivery of his answering "Not necessary!" is pretty sublime. Masuka then gets a beep notifying them all of a briefing...

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