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Blood: It's What's For Dinner

Dinnertime! Unfortunately, Deb's idea of appropriate mealtime conversation is to ask Dexter what his need to kill feels like. Dexter likens it to a form of possession, prompting Deb to ask him if he knows how many "assholes in prison" blame their actions on something or someone else? Dexter replies that he's merely being honest, as she asked, adding that the spaghetti's overcooked. Heh. Deb repeats her earlier question, so Dexter confesses that it always starts with blood, first trickling down the back of his eyelids, then turning into a stream and then a flood that fills him up. The blood then turns from red to black and presses against him until it feels like his head is going to explode, and the only thing that relieves the pressure is to open the floodgates by spilling someone else's blood. Deb, her face starting to quiver again, expresses her disbelief that he's like this before lamenting her decision to serve marinara sauce, and wonders if he's seeing blood now. Dexter tells her no, so Deb, understandably opening another beer, asks Dexter to promise to call her if he does start seeing "URGE TO KILL" in red/black letters. Dexter again does not look like he's convinced that will work, but does seem sincere in agreeing. Deb raggedly sighs that there have to be more fucked-up families than them out there, "but I sure as hell wouldn't want to meet 'em." Good news, Deb, you don't have to! Just flip on Intervention at your convenience. She wonders what the hell she's doing, and Dexter tries to tell her it's what she thinks is right, but she sets him straight: "'Right' would be turning you in. I'm doing this because you're my brother and I can't stand the idea of you living the rest of your life in prison. Or worse." Yes, Dexter, your liberty, and perhaps even your life, is thanks to your sister's generosity. I'd suggest washing the dishes every now and then.

Later, in "his" room, Dexter is checking some online building records as DVO says he knows he promised Deb honesty, but this isn't a killing errand -- he just needs to get into Greene's apartment to find out what he knows. Just then, though, Deb enters from the bathroom and offers to sit with him, as she doesn't think he should be awake and alone. Dexter thinks that maybe he should get some sleep, now that she mentions it, and Deb, who sounds exhausted, is happy enough to have an excuse to head off to bed. DVO laments the fact that Deb, his new "Siamese twin," is going to make it really difficult to get over to Greene's place. "But how long can I wait?"

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