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Blood: It's What's For Dinner

...and then we cut to Dexter entering the apartment, and I know Michael C. Hall probably doesn't want to wear a mask all the time, but seriously, if anyone would have surveillance cameras in his expensive apartment, it's a rich tech geek with a penchant for collecting shit, so maybe this one time, Dexter? Speaking of collecting, Dexter thinks Greene's toys are "a waste of a good obsession," but he gets serious when he finds the slip of paper with Dexter's card numbers on it, and I feel myself falling back into nitpick territory, but it seems highly unlikely Greene would leave evidence of what is a criminal offense lying around, considering that (a) there's no possible further use he could get out of the numbers, and (b) he's not the only person regularly in his apartment, from what we've seen. Dexter opens up Greene's laptop and sees a folder on the desktop titled "Rants," after enduring some of a video of Greene talking about an Aquaman collectible and another of him getting a blowjob from a hooker, he finds Greene saying that this one's going to be worse than "Bob Henley" -- he wants to see Dexter "lying in his own piss and vomit," and he won't stop "until that represents the high point of his day." Rude! Dexter then looks up this Bob Henley, and I'm sure he's feeling some urgency but I still THINK THIS COULD WAIT, especially since it will look suspicious in the browser history, but whatever, the viewer needs instant gratification, so let's see the story (from mid-September 2012, for the record) about Henley, apparently the co-founder of some software company, having been arrested when the FBI found child porn on his "workstation." He's now facing charges of up to 15 years, and DVO wonders if this is how Greene took control of the company. Just then, Dexter hears a key in the lock, so he hides on the hinge side of the front door right before Greene enters and heads inside. Dexter starts to try to slip out, but DVO notes that he might not get another chance at this. I wondered if this meant he was going to kill Greene right here, which would seem like a violation of both Deb's and Harry's codes, but no -- he just grabs Greene and shoves him up against the refrigerator, menacingly asking why he's fucking with him. Greene, acting panicked, begs Dexter not to hurt him before saying the hand was just a little way to screw with Dexter, and Dexter growls, "WHHHHYYYYY?" I'd complain that he's imitating Christian Bale as The Dark Knight, but with a comic geek like Greene, that does rate to be an effective choice. Greene confesses that this is because of the serial-killer game he created -- he spent five years on it, and after Dexter took a dump on it he got too depressed to even look at it. "It was my whole world!" Greene: That is very sad. Dexter: You'd do well not to underestimate a desperate, humiliated nerd. Dexter tells Greene that he never wants to see him again -- "work, Jamie." Greene's like, totally, yes, I will dump my completely hot girlfriend and quit my dream job at your say-so! Dexter takes him at face value and bolts...

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