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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

LaGuerta goes on to say what we already assumed, that being that she never believed Doakes was a killer, adding that Keith Carradine's notes suggest he had doubts about that as well. Deb, partly to get in better with LaGuerta but partly because it's true, agrees that as his partner, she knew Doakes to be a good man, and asks if there's anything she can do to help. LaGuerta takes a moment, and it's the first bit of believable emotion Lauren Velez has been asked to come up with in years on this show, and again, I'm impressed that they found a way to meaningfully include her in this season. LaGuerta tells Deb it's great to have someone else in on the secret, and then hands Deb a folder she says is for her eyes only, and Deb agrees...

...but when she's alone in the elevator, she has an amazing blue panic attack ("motherfucking suckbag," "cockmunching fucking fucknugget"), before calming down with some controlled breathing. Which makes me think that if Deb ever gives birth, her obstetrician should claim hazard pay.

Dexter's computer informs him it has a blood match for him, and he allows himself a funny, understated theatrical reveal -- but pays some real attention when he finds out it was Greene's blood on the boat. Dexter's mind reels, but he doesn't have time to work out too many possibilities before he realizes that Deb is standing in the doorway. She closes the door and informs him that they are "in a storm of fuck," which given Sandy is probably a fairly popular expression at the moment.

She tells him what LaGuerta found, and he winces at his carelessness and admits that that is not a positive development. They bicker a bit about the circumstances that led to the wayward bit of evidence before Deb tells him she talked LaGuerta into letting her help with the investigation so she can keep tabs on it. Dexter, not thrilled that Deb is being pulled deeper in, tells her to stay out of it, but she's not fucking around, especially since, as it turns out, LaGuerta hasn't been either. You see, she's pulled the profiles of fifteen people who have gone missing since Doakes died and fit the MO of the BHB, and as such intends to talk to their families, and Dexter is forced to admit that he's responsible for three of them. Gotta give LaGuerta credit -- she's Captain now and is still working on those unsolved-crime numbers!

Deb notes that only one of Dexter's three has any family in Miami -- a "Philip Barnes" -- so she'll try to take that one from LaGuerta. Dexter tries to protest again, but Deb firmly informs him that her ass is on the line now too, so he can stuff his concern. She asks what he can tell her about Barnes, and Dexter reluctantly tells her Barnes was a wedding photographer, and he'd find a young female from out of town and bring her back to his hotel room. "She'd never come home. He took pictures of what he did." Deb doesn't look particularly enamored of that MO, but flips out when she hears that Dexter "nabbed" him after a wedding reception: "What if Barnes got a picture of you? What if someone remembers you?" Dexter thinks no one was paying attention, but Deb, almost relishing the idea that Dexter's been sloppier than he thinks, wonders what happens if he's wrong. Well, given that we're only twelve minutes in, I have the feeling we might find out.

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