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From Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee

But first, Dexter arrives at his door and realizes that his curtains are open, which is not how he left them. Frankly, this is a bothersome detail -- why would Isaak Pullo leave this clue, and why on earth would he want the curtains open? If Dexter had left them open and they were now closed, I'd be willing to accept it -- there's a reason why he'd want concealment. Oh, yes, that's right -- Isaak Pullo is sitting patiently in Dexter's apartment, with an array of items you'd find in any hardware store that somehow look rather more sinister than normal when laid out on a little tarp in front of him. He also has a large gun with silencer, so I guess he's keeping his options open. The phone rings, and Dexter's answering machine takes it (I would like to know in what year this will officially be abandoned as a TV device), and we hear Dexter's voice in a sunny, dim accent "confirming" a meeting at 1 PM at "Schooner or Later" (in a seaside community, I would lay odds that restaurant actually exists). Isaak Pullo checks his watch, holsters his gun, and begins packing up his tools...

...and from his vantage point inside his car, Dexter sees Isaak Pullo emerge from his complex and realizes they met at the strip club. He quickly wonders if the Brotherhood could have figured out he killed Viktor, and even not having every bit of information at this point, it does seem like a pretty solid bet.

Isaak Pullo has no sooner taken a seat at the restaurant when a waiter drops by and hands him a phone, saying there's a call for him. I only wish we'd gotten to hear Dexter's description of him -- hopefully he didn't mention the gun bulge. Isaak Pullo doesn't let the surprise stop him from ordering a small coffee -- nice -- and is similarly unfazed when Dexter, without preamble, asks why he was in his apartment. Isaak Pullo literally calls Dexter "Mr. Smartypants," and he's fast becoming the most enjoyable villain they've had on this show in ages, before saying that he merely wanted to have a little chat about a friend of his who's gone missing -- Viktor.

Dexter denies knowledge of him, but Isaak Pullo only gets a little heated at that, informing Dexter that Greene gave him his name, an incident that occurred on the boat Dexter used to dump Viktor's body. Dexter asks what else Greene said, and Isaak Pullo replies, "I believe he may have referred to you as a 'douchebag.'" This guy, seriously. I think he and Dexter might get along great, were many obvious circumstances different. Dexter tries to faze Isaak Pullo by dropping the name of the Brotherhood, but Isaak Pullo, sipping his tiny coffee, tells him this is a personal issue for him -- and by the way, he's not stopping with Dexter, but will also come after any police officer friends who had a hand in Viktor's death -- "including your lieutenant sister. I've done my homework too." Dexter, having lost control of this conversation, urgently tells Isaak Pullo Deb had nothing to do with it, whereupon Isaak Pullo locates Dexter visually: "Hello, handsome." Well, Dex, you could offer to take over certain of Viktor's duties. You could do a lot worse. Dexter, having calmed down again, tells Isaak Pullo that he works alone, and it was only he who killed Viktor. "I'll see you around." Isaak Pullo: "That's the plan." Chills!

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