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Get Thee to an Owenery

Dex gets off the phone because Cole is approaching him. He shakes Dexter's hand and reminds him of their meeting at Miami Metro. He says that Jordan would like to see him, so they go back into the hotel where the seminar is being held and to a suite. Their walk down a hall is creepy with stolen glances. When they enter, Jordan is on a Bluetooth telling someone that they should call him back when they stop being a piece of furniture. Off of his call, he turns to Dex and apologizes. It was a new client on the line. He tells Dex that he knows why he's there -- he's trying to cope with the murder of his wife. Dexter is clearly stunned that he knows this about him, but Jordan says he recognized Dexter from news items about Rita's death. He asks if there has been any progress finding the Trinity killer and Dex says there hasn't. Jordan says further that Trinity's rage was fascinating to him, on a deep level. He says he's not implying sympathy for Trinity, but I don't really believe that. Jordan says that he's developed a theory on how the primal mind deals with tragedy. Quesadillas and repeat viewings of Erin Brockovich? You can't copyright common knowledge.

He taps his WATCH, which you just know plays the sound of pretty girls' lives running out, and says that he has to prepare for the next part of the seminar. He'd like to have a further discussion with Dexter, which he agrees to do. Then, he asks if there has been any progress finding Boyd Fowler. Dex says that he doesn't know the details and Jordan should probably speak to one of the detectives. He agrees and sends Dexter on his way, but not before giving him a stuffed goody bag. He tells Dex that there's something in the bag for Harrison and it clearly disturbs Dex that he knows his son's name. As Cole is showing Dexter out, he exchanges a knowing glance with Jordan. Looks like they're trying to Take It! from Dex.

At the station, LaGuerta calls Deb into her office. She tells Deb that there's a public outcry for blood, in regards to the Club Mayan stakeout. The Captain wants someone's head and Deb cracks that Santa Muerte is catching on. LaGuerta, looking troubled for what I'm sure are personal reasons and not because she's doing the wrong thing, says that she's putting Manzon on disciplinary leave. She says that she needs to put a face on the mistakes and Deb asks her what's wrong with her own face. Faced! Deb reminds her that she was only near Fuentes because LaGuerta sent her, though Deb told her not to do it, but LaGuerta says that's Deb's impression. Nope, that's what happened, responds Deb. Then, she says that she was the detective in charge, so if LaGuerta wants a fall guy, pick her. She responds that she knows Deb's INSTINCT is to take the blame for her team, and Deb stops her to remind her that LaGuerta was on her team too. AND, Deb has had her back. AND, it's all the same thing anyway, these teams. LaGuerta reasons that Manzon is early enough in her career that she will take the smallest hit, but Deb says that if something like this had happened to her at that stage in her career, she would never have made detective. They were all there together, so why can't they just weather the storm together? She tells LaGuerta to think about it, then leaves. Of course, I'm sure you are aware that there were like 16 "fucks" dropped during that scene.

Lumen is having problems when she gets a phone call. She answers asking if Dexter's printer ever works, but it's not Dexter. It's Owen, the fiance she left at the altar. Owen is adorable and he and Lumen would make babies that could take over the world. He asks how she is and says he bets she's tan. He's in Miami and says he got a sunburn just driving in the car. He says that he has respected her wishes since the day of the wedding and hasn't contacted her. It's like his life stopped that day. He begs her to see him and she struggles. Dexter's car drives up outside. Owen tells her where he's staying and asks her to meet him at a nearby cafe the next day. Poor Owen.

She hangs up before Dexter is inside and doesn't mention her call. Dex brings her food and she grabs two plates, but he says he's not staying. Oh right, Harrison. He tells Lumen that he'll need her to go shopping the next day for plastic and things for the kill room for Cole. He says that he's going to kill Cole the next day. They have no choice, apparently, because Jordan called him after their meeting in his suite and said their next gig was in Sarasota. He tells her to meet him at noon with the supplies, but she says one o'clock is better. Girl is going to meet her old beau! Dexter agrees to the new time and notices that she seems weird. She says that a few months ago she was shopping for a wedding dress and now she's shopping for plastic sheeting.

Dex gets home and Deb is there. She sees the goody bag and says that, though she won't judge, she has to draw the line at Jordan Chase onesies. I say it depends on whether it is a onesie for an infant or an adult. I will not say which one I think it should be. Dex says it can't hurt to check out the seminar. Deb says that she has 6 mandatory sessions with a shrink after killing Fuentes, but she would do it all over again if given the chance. It bothers her that she's not feeling anything over his death. Nothing at all. She thought taking a life would be a burden. She says Dex has no idea what she's talking about, but.... Dex tells her that Harry said some people deserve to die. She asks him if he believes that and he said that some people don't deserve to live. She counters that some people do deserve to live, like Rita and Lundy. She says that maybe the world is better off without Carlos Fuentes. Yeah, don't talk to Dexter about this stuff, Deb.

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