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Talk To The Hand, Because The Face Is Unconscious

Deb calls Quinn, who is apparently driving to the Ricochet Rabbit, and tells him about Batista being missing, so Quinn turns around and heads back to Miami. Shockingly, Deb does not trust Quinn to handle this on his own and calls for any area backup to converge at Doomsday_Adam's place. So let's review: Batista told no one other than Quinn's answering machine where he was going, and was missing for an entire day before the intern piped up about where he was. Quinn, for his part, apparently did not make it in to work at all the day before, otherwise he would presumably have missed his partner. Is this how police protocols work?

Beth, carrying what I'm assuming is Colin Hanks's University of Tallahassee backpack (might not want to give the show away there, Colin Hanks), enters Miami Metro and, in full view of a desk full of police, uses Batista's keycard as instructed. Once into the adjoining anteroom, she calls Colin Hanks and reports that she made it, whereupon he instructs her to make sure that she gets Deb, as she's the one leading the "attack against us." When Beth gets upstairs, though, the rather unhelpful desk guy tells her that Deb's out in the field, so Beth tells him she'll wait. Given that she referenced both DDK and wormwood, you'd think he'd at least want to let someone with some authority know about Beth's appearance, but then again, since no one seems to notice whether anyone around here shows up for work or not, I can believe any DDK protocols slipped through the cracks.

Colin Hanks rejoins Batista and informs him that, since wormwood seems to be going off without a hitch, he no longer needs him as insurance, and raises a gun in his direction. However, Batista defers the journey to the other side by asking and receiving permission to pray, and by the time Colin Hanks raises the gun again, he hears the sound of squealing tires outside. When he looks out the window, he sees Quinn heading for him, and retreats in advance of Quinn kicking in the door. Quinn proceeds carefully enough, as seems warranted, so by the time he gets to the bedroom, it's in flames. But given how little time has passed, he has no trouble extinguishing the fire and saving Batista. I'm guessing Batista's gratitude for this might be a little tempered?

On the boat, Masuka gives Deb the info that [Colin Hanks]'s fingerprints were all over the knife used to kill Doomsday_Adam (it's the same one Colin Hanks used to kill Holly). Deb does wonder why Colin Hanks would have killed Doomsday_Adam (Dexter, you'll be surprised to hear, looks shifty in the foreground), but she doesn't spend much time on it, and then Anderson reports that Homeland is putting their regional teams on alert and sending agents to Miami Metro. Quinn then calls Deb to report, and after expressing her relief that Batista is okay, she tells him to order up as many men as he needs to try to capture Colin Hanks. DVO notes that if Dexter hadn't brought the police in, Batista would be dead, and it's nice of Dexter to be aware of that, not that it's likely to affect his future behavior much. Deb then confides in Dexter about Matthews, and Dexter sensibly counsels her to put the whole thing on the back burner until Colin Hanks has been dealt with. Deb, however, tells Dexter her dinner with Matthews is that night, so Dexter suggests that she bring it up, then, but keep an open mind about why he left the scene. "There are worse secrets you can have, Deb." They all then rush off the boat, which has started sinking due to the clunky weight of that line.

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