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Talk To The Hand, Because The Face Is Unconscious

All right, Dexter is in fact worried about Harrison, so much so that he's sending him away with Jamie, to a room at an out-of-town Ritz, no less. Can I go too? I don't mind recapping kid activities as long as I can to it with a daiquiri by the pool. Jamie reminds Dexter that they have to pick an animal for Harrison to be in some sort of Noah's Ark kids' pageant at the school, and Dexter looks at a painted lion on something of Harrison's, prompting DVO to opine, "King of the Beasts. Something feels right about that." Okay, I'll give him that one. After Jamie leaves, Dexter answers another question by explaining to Harry that he's breaking off from Santa Fe Metro again because Homeland Security will hamstring them, adding that he's worried for Deb's safety too, what with Colin Hanks surely knowing she's his sister. Dexter looks up the next and final tableau, which is the Lake of Fire, into which Satan supposedly fell after amassing an army on Earth for war against God and killing his two Witnesses. As Dexter regards the image of Satan, he sees blood drip onto it -- his nose is bleeding from the gas, and he's a little dizzy as well. Harry suggests he go to the ER, but Dexter says he doesn't have time -- he needs to get Colin Hanks to come to him. Well, it's still worrisome that he might become incapacitated at a critical moment, but I suppose the chances of that are too slim even to discuss? Also, since he's not going to set up the tableau until the next night, what's stopping him from going to the ER now?

Colin Hanks, sitting in an unknown apartment, idly feeds the cat in attendance before flipping on the TV and learning that Beth's mission failed, like, I'm so glad he relies on the local news to tell him about these things. Colin Hanks talks himself into believing this is part of God's plan, that Beth's sacrifice is sufficient, and says it's all up to him now -- he must pass the test. If only he hadn't killed the man and woman whose place this is, he'd have an audience instead of having to talk to himself.

At dinner, Matthews tries to bring up the call girl case, and Deb studiously attempts not to engage him in discussion of same for a bit, but soon she's forced to come clean about what she's figured out, so Matthews tells her since his wife died, he's been alone for a long time and whatever, you're a cop, try instead of paying for it, maybe? Anyway, nothing nefarious happened, it was just like they speculated, he tried to revive her but he couldn't get her breathing going, and 911 wouldn't have helped, so he left. Deb admits she doesn't know what to do with this -- she wants to help him, but she's not sure what she can say to the call girl's father. Matthews firmly tells her that she should tell him nothing, as it can't help anyone and will only hurt him, and Deb seems convinced when she says she'll call the guy in the morning. I mean, first thing, right? What a way to start the day!

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