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Talk To The Hand, Because The Face Is Unconscious

Deb returns to her office to find Matthews, who bitterly chews her out -- the Chief found out about the call girl, and he's being asked to retire. Deb points out that she was at a crime scene all day, but Matthews blames her anyway for refusing to drop the case, and adds that her father would be so disappointed in her. Well, why not ask him? Based on his appearances, he isn't exactly busy. Deb, however, is not so fragile as she used to be, recent firings of her therapist notwithstanding, and replies, "So would your late wife." Face! She may be in love with her brother, Matthews, but that didn't stop her from schooling you. However, Matthews has the last word, saying that he was the only person who "could protect her from a job that you're clearly not ready for," and that's gonna leave a mark, given how obviously Deb believes it too. Seconds after he's gone, Quinn and Batista enter in response to Deb's earlier summons, and she informs them that Homeland Security has concluded that the Doomsday_Adam and Beth weren't terrorists, so while they want to be kept in the loop, Duluth Metro is free to take the DDK case back. Batista thinks that's good news, but Deb isn't done as she lays into both of them for what happened at Doomsday_Adam's apartment, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Batista going in alone was inexcusable. Quinn takes the blame, but while Deb's aware of that, thanks, her point is that they have two days before Colin Hanks is supposed to end the world, so she needs them not to fuck things up again. What are the chances?

Dexter's making a kill room, not on the Slice Of Life but on a usually-absent neighbor's boat. I'd say I hope they don't have security cameras, but they do seem to conveniently disappear whenever Dexter's unmasked anyway.

Deb confronts LaGuerta, as she's figured out that she turned on Matthews. I only wonder what took LaGuerta so long, but also, is it a given that she'll be the new Deputy Chief? She just barely made Captain, but she seems to think it's in the bag, because she tells Deb that from now on, Deb will do what LaGuerta says when she says it, or she'll find a Lieutenant who will. Yaaaaawn.

Later, at Dexter's apartment amid cartons of Chinese and several beer bottles, Deb is complaining about what happened and Dexter tells her how much she's grown, and even at this point you know it's a dream sequence so it's annoying when they start cutting to close-ups of his lips, and then there's an embarrassing bit with chopsticks until they finally kiss and then she wakes up. I just find it hilarious that they're doing this storyline now that these two are divorced in real life.

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