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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Let Me Investigate Your Brother

The next day, at the station, LaGuerta changes all of the Barrel Girls murders to unsolved. Batista is glad, but apparently he's still going to sleep on the couch. Deb's not speaking to Quinn. He tries to apologize, but she's not having it. Yay!

Dex drives the girls to Orlando. Olivia says that Barry called her mother and broke up with her. After he drops her off, he tells Astor that he won't tell her grandparents about the whole episode if she doesn't want it. He says he's proud of her for helping Olivia. She says that she wants to know if Lumen is his girlfriend and he says that she isn't, but she knows she's more than a tenant. He says that she's a friend and he's helping her. She asks if helping makes him feel better about what happened to Rita and it appears that it does. Then, he says that he loves her and it's really a lovely moment. He looks out of breath and uncomfortable and euphoric all at once. She says that he should come in to see Cody, which will blow her story about Orlando. Good girl. He VO's that the thing he wants most is to be a good dad.

At the station, Dexter gets the results to the pendant juice. It's some girl named Emily Birch who has gotten a bunch of DUI's. She's not dead. Hmm. Elsewhere, Lumen gets a call from Jordan Chase! He says that he's looking for Dexter and says the "tick tick" thing. She's terrified. Then, he says, "Take care, Lumen." Scary Town!!!!!!

Jeff Long is a writer/actor in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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