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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Let Me Investigate Your Brother

Harry appears and urgently tells Dexter that he needs to get those girls far away from him. He reminds him that Astor's mother is dead because of him. Jesus, with inner voices like this, who needs to be a functioning member of society? Dexter argues that he needs to make things right with Astor and be a good father. Lumen comes back to the kitchen and Dexter tells her that he's going back to the apartment to get Harrison and bring him back.

The next morning, Quinn is having coffee while Deb is stomping around the kitchen. He tells her to relax and she reminds him that she's about to have the worst meeting of her career. He points out that she's meeting with a union rep, who is on her side, but she's still afraid that she's going to get fired. He reminds her that even LaGuerta said she would be reinstated, but Deb doesn't trust her. He says that she can trust him though. Oh really, brother-watcher? Isn't it weird how, as viewers, we can be offended that this cop is successfully gathering evidence that would convict a serial killer? Makes me feel uncomfy. Then, Quinn tells Deb all of the things that she has going for her, including having a boyfriend who loves her. Oh no he didn't. We're about to have headless Quinn on the menu. Deb retreats internally and says, "You're seriously going to drop that on me now?" I love her. Quinn says it's just an expression, which is actually an excellent way to not look like a total loser when you say you love someone and they don't say it back. Remember that everyone, though hopefully you'll never need it. In which case, remember that, like Deb, you don't have to feel pity for someone who says it to you when you're not in the mood to say it back. You can actually get pissed. I like this new way of living.

Deb leaves and I guess RoboCop has some sort of beeper in his car like they have on the doors of retail shops, because he calls as the door closes. In a show that's all about finely wrought twists and turns, Liddy's phone calls and appearances really strain credulity. Unless, of course, he's inside the apartment. Nah. Quinn asks him what's up and he replies, "Your pecker." That's really gross. Apparently, Quinn's supposed to get a boner over the photos of Lumen and Dex on the boat tossing Cole's body overboard. He wants to meet Quinn for a beer, but Quinn reminds him that it's 7 am and he has to work. He hangs up the phone. Liddy is in a store and, post-hang up, looks at a little kid with a toy car and shoots him with his finger. The kid is like WTF and goes to his dad. OK, this would just be a little nothing moment except that the kid they got? Amazing. A) First of all, he smiles the sweetest little smile when he has eye contact with Liddy. B) Seriously, you can read seven or more things on his face when Robo does the gun thing. World, welcome to the new Edward Norton.

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