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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Let Me Investigate Your Brother

Lumen is scrambling eggs while Dexter sits at the table with Harrison. She asks him if he still wants to keep his appointment with Jordan. He does. He wants to get some blood/whatever from the pendant that he's carrying. That's something he's actually good at, as opposed to understanding teenaged girls. Lumen says that he should share something with Astor --talk to her about what he did as a teen. He says that he killed the neighbor's dog and she says that she shouldn't tell that. Breakfast chats are my favorite. The girls come out for breakfast and Lumen gives them eggs and tells them that it's good for soaking up the alcohol. They look worse for wear, though what I wouldn't kill for a teenager's hangover right now. Black Friday has more than one meaning, is all I'm saying.

Dexter tells Astor that he would like to spend the day with her after his meeting and she sullenly agrees, though she wants Harrison to be there too. He drops his Glo-Worm or whatever and Lumen picks it up and Harrison, who is quickly developing foot-in-mouth syndrome and I'm not just talking about limber infants, says, "Mama." Over and over. This, of course, enrages Astor because she can't not be pissed for one minute this season. Lumen says she doesn't even know Harrison, but Astor's not having it. She tells Harrison that his mother is dead and tells Dex that she doubts Rita would have brought in a "tenant" so quickly had he been the one who died. I'm not actually sure about that, no offense to Rita. Lumen watches Harrison while Dexter goes to meet Jordan. When he's gone, Olivia turns to Lumen and says that her family is pretty weird too.

At the station, Deb ignores Quinn after her meeting. She tells Batista that she's being banished to the file room until her hearing. He says that his report about the Club Mayan incident backed her completely and she thanks him. As she walks away, she passes Manzon and says, "If anyone needs a real fucking detective, I'll be in the file room." Manzon looks bothered, which is so stupid to me. She HAD to know that Detective Debra Morgan was going to have her on the top of her list from here on out. She's lucky she doesn't get punched every time they're in the same room, because not only did she lie about Deb -- Deb was the one who was watching out for her during the whole botched stakeout in the first place. I mean, she just got the old school super-sized value meal of bad karma with that career strategery.

Down in the file room, Deb greets Francis, who I always love to see. She says, "Detective Scapegoat, reporting for duty," which gets a laugh. Francis has better things to talk about though. She wants to know how things are going with Quinn. She says that Quinn dropped the love bomb and she's unhappy about it because she thinks she feels that way too. I love this girl. Francis directs her to stack of cold case files that she has to archive and she immediately opens the Barrel Girls folder. Francis reminds her that she's supposed to file and not read, but you know how this is going to go.

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