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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Let Me Investigate Your Brother

At the station, Dexter tells everyone that he doesn't know anyone who would take the girls. He chooses not to lie about being with Jordan Chase and Deb pauses. She reminds Dex that a bunch of weird stuff is surrounding Chase. They begin to talk about the Barrel Girls case, but Dex implores everyone to just look for the van that Elliot saw.

So, yeah, they find the van. It belongs to a blonde due and they get him at a gas station. When he arrives at the station, Dexter pushes him against a cop car and demands to know where Astor is. He's Olivia's mom's boyfriend and he'd used the GPS on Olivia's phone to find Dexter's place. He's looking for the girls too. Dex gets a phone call and, as he takes it, the boyfriend (Barry) asks Deb if Dex is always this violent. The girls were found. They were held for shoplifting. Deb, Barry and Dex go to pick them up and the girls insist it was a misunderstanding. Olivia seems nervous when she sees Barry and says that she doesn't want to go with him. Dex notices and says that he'll take the girls to pick up their stuff and will meet Barry later.

At the station, Batista tells LaGuerta about the new evidence in the Barrel Girls case. LaGuerta is afraid that Deb is just trying to make her look bad. Batista reminds her that it's DNA that was found, not something Deb made up. LaGuerta is just worried about the department looking bad.

Deb meets Lumen. Dex tries to pass off the whole tenant thing, but Deb's not buying it. She asks where all of her stuff is and mentions that she trusts he enough to leave Harrison with her. He sticks with his story though and she leaves while giving him a super-duper sideways glance. He calls Astor in to have a talk, but she's not having it. She keeps on cursing and at one point- after a "fuck" is hurled, Dex is like, "Astor, you can not talk to me like that." There's something so authentic and perfect about the way he says it, like he'd never really considered that she couldn't talk like that to him. She says she won't say anything at all then. Dex says they'll sit there until she's ready to talk.

Meanwhile, Lumen is talking to Olivia, who says she's not ready to go home. She takes off a layer of clothing, which lifts her shirt and reveals bruises all over her torso. Lumen asks her where she got them and says that she understands. Dex and Astor are still in a stand-off when Lumen comes out and tells about the bruises. Astor says that it's Barry who is hitting Olivia. Dexter asks why she didn't tell him and she says she didn't think he'd care. When they lived there, he was always gone. Olivia is her first friend since Rita died and she didn't know how to help her. Dexter says she did know what to do. She came home. He's going to take care of this.

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