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Fanning The Flames

Over at Lila's place, her wealthy benefactor hands her a check for eighteen grand, which I can't believe. Lila folds up the check and wears a sinister face. Weird.

Masuka is reading the results of the manifesto analysis, and the results are bizarre. "We're looking for a white male in his fifties. The killer has no girlfriends and considers himself a good Catholic." Angel stops him: "How can you tell all that by putting words in a computer." "I don't know, dude, it's science." Angel asserts his belief that his idea of the killer is that he's "pissed off at God, and that's why he kills people." This starts a huge clusterfuck argument and everyone starts yelling over each other. Lundy says, "This is what he wants." "What's that?" asks Deb. "Confusion. Chaos. It's what the killer wants. He's always been an intensely private figure, dispatching victims silently. Now he's suddenly a media whore? It doesn't make sense. He's making us chase our tails, you know what that means?" He goes to the dry-erase board and wipes it clean, then writes "Law Enforcement Background." Oh, fuck. "He knows how we work." "Yeah, but to suggest he's one of us?" asks Angel. "How can you be sure?" He's met with a blank stare.

Cody's giving his report, and Dexter's phone rings on vibrate. Of course, it's fucking Lila. Not wanting to be rude, Dexter silences the...vibration? "I'm a little bit confused," he VOs. "Lila is the one showing me how to take control, stop killing, get my life clean. But this is the first time since I went into recovery that I actually feel clean." On the other end, Lila hangs up her phone with a frown and tosses it aside. She grabs a blowtorch and starts putting some finishing touches on the piece she just sold. Wait, no those aren't finishing touches. She's just torching the fucking thing! The scene keeps cutting back and forth between Cody's presentation and Lila fucking up her livelihood.

So, she's addicted to arson, is that it? Weak sauce.

Back at the school, Dexter puts his arm around Astor lovingly, and Rita smiles faintly, clearly hoping something will come of this.

Okay, that is definitely not a controlled flame. Yikes. Whoa, okay, she's going for the chair, now. Hmm.

Cody finishes up. Everyone claps. He did a good job. Good for him.

Teddy bear. "Sculpture." It's all goin' down.

Dexter pretends to pick his nose at Cody, and they share a smile.

Could be a fire alarm...

...Could be a school bell. "I can't believe how calm you were up there," Rita tells Cody proudly. "You were like a professional talker," says Dexter. Cody asks Rita if Dexter can come with them to get ice cream, and she reluctantly says yes. "I wouldn't miss it," says Dex. "Maybe they'll have some delicious Saudi flavors, like sand, or oil." Heh, that's pretty funny. His phone rings again, and we all know who it is. She's got "bad news." Rita looks disappointed before he even gets off the phone, and it's too bad he feels like he has to go over to Lila's, because Rita's looking pretty tasty. And sane, because she's not an arsonist. Dexter apologizes when he gets off the phone and tries to not make it sound bad, but there's no way to, so he just says, "It's an emergency. There was a her place."

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