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Fanning The Flames

Dex arrives at Lila's, which is now totally burned to a crisp inside. There are still firemen lurking around, putting out embers. Finally, Dexter spots her, and she runs to him and hugs him, crying. "What happened?" "I was working on my piece with the blowtorch, and it just caught fire. I was so scared!" Don't care. They continue to embrace for a long while, not saying anything, and then Lila says, "Promise me that you won't leave me, that you won't go anywhere." Um, wow. Okay, as if there haven't already been a thousand red flags. She's implying that if he does leave, she'll hurt herself or others in some way, and that's always a really scary situation to be in, but if anyone can handle it, it's Dexter...or at least the fleshy patch of skin where Dexter used to be. He falls right into her manipulation, saying, "I'm not going anywhere," and she smiles, clearly satisfied with herself. Dex looks up, and notices aloud that Lila's light has been fixed, and a look of dawning understanding fixes itself upon his face.

Man, this chick really has to go. I'm missing the Rita-flavored salad days.

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