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Fanning The Flames

Pool-side at a crime scene, Doakes is observing the corpse of a seemingly young woman whose face has been bashed pretty bad. She's laying in a pool of dark crimson blood. LaGuerta walks up, and Doakes informs her the body belongs to Betsy Court, aged 16. "Blunt force beating. It looks like she was sunning herself and never saw it coming." "Who called in the body?" asks LaGuerta. Doakes motions to Craig Wilson, the girl's stepfather, who's sitting across the pool, looking dazed. He's played by this guy, who most of us remember as Dr. Louis Creed from Pet Sematary. "Wilson told the reporting officer that he came home from lunch and found her that way." He turns to walk towards Wilson, and LaGuerta asks him if he and Dexter resolved their issues. "As far as I'm concerned," he says. "Why, the bitch come crying to you again?" "No, there's blood work to be done here, and if you can't control yourself, I need to call in another detective." Doakes says he won't do anything to "hurt the little girl's feelings," and LaGuerta gets more annoyed. "Goddammit, James, I'm not joking." "Do I look like I'm laughing?" "I wish you would! You used to!" Doakes denies ever having anything to do with humor or laughter, and LaGuerta cuts to chase, reminding Doakes that he's out of free passes: "I already stopped Dexter from filing a complaint against you once." She reminds him that he starts any more shit, she won't be held responsible for the fallout. He gives her shit for "backing a fucking freaktard," He heads over to talk to Wilson, leaving Maria to look frustrated and helpless.

Dexter's getting his lunch out, and Camilla comes in, saying, "Where you been Dexter?" He greets her with a genuinely warm smile. "You don't bring me donuts anymore!" "You don't sing me love songs," he replies jokingly. "How are you, Camilla?" She responds that she's been better, and takes the seat that Dexter offers her. "Sergeant Doakes dropped by my file room yesterday." It seems that he requested the files for Laura Moser's murder, and she's freaked because she destroyed them on Harry's orders. She could get fired if she's found out, which would suck because she's thinking of retiring in a year. Apparently, she fed Doakes the same line of bullshit she did with Dex last season, telling him the file was boxed up in the basement of City Hall and could take a few days to drag up. "That made him real angry," she says heartbreakingly. "He scared me, Dexter." Aw, poor woman! Dex agrees: "That's not right. He shouldn't do that." He looks pretty railed. Camilla says she always assumed Harry asked her to destroy the files to protect Dexter, and she doesn't want to know what it's all about. "I just don't want to get fired." "You won't lose your retirement. I won't let that happen," says Dex, obviously concerned for this nice woman. "I'll take care of this, you have my word." That seems enough to satisfy Camilla, and she touches Dexter's hand briefly and leaves without a word. "So much for threatening Doakes," Dex VOs. "He won't back off until he exposes the twisted branches of my family tree, from my father's indiscretions to my murderous brother to the root of all evil: me." Dexter packs up his field kit and closes it with a loud bang.

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